The Masters leaderboard

This kind of looks like it might be a fun weekend at Augusta National. I was hearing the course was playing tough, then the afternoon guys figured out the winds and tore it up. The leaderboard looks pretty sweet. I know CBS would prefer Tiger to be closer to the lead, but he just doesn’t putt like he once did. That’s the most challenging area of the course, the putting. I’d be stunned if Tiger won.

I listen to a lot of PGA Tour radio. I heard all of the experts downplay what Brooks Koepka could do there. But it’s a major and he’s there.

Bryson DeChambeau is a little bit too weird for me. And, I’ve seen Phil Mickelson say and do some weird things, too, just in a different way. But among the leaders, I guess I’ll pull for Phil, just because his agent is Steve Loy, the former UA golf coach.

There are two former UA golfers in the field. Andrew Landry shot even par. Alvaro Ortiz, who qualified as an amateur, shot one-over.

Phil is my brother in Enbrel.

It’s a club that neither one of us wants to be in, but is so helpful to allow us to function.

My guess is that he doesn’t have to get the Enbrel assistance card that I do that turns it from $2,000 to $20.

But he also does not have the joy I do of hitting a few bad shots at Springdale Country Club and no one noticing.

Very few events if any can be as fun to watch.

Swore Tiger would top Jack’s 18 majors but his crash and marriage issues changed everything.

I watched every minute today but I’ve recorded the next three days. Headed to Nashville for the Friday night Hogs/Vandy game and then to Murfreesboro TN to watch my great Niece play AAU basketball.

I’ll watch every shot Monday or Tuesday in a marathon session.

I’ve attended the Masters once. It’s a glorious place.

OH did his best writing about the Masters. Those stories were special. As was OH.

One of the great pleasures was to play with my dad together at Augusta National. Our names were drawn in the Monday lottery for media members in 1985. We both had a great time. He got it “fixed” after calling Jack Stephens so I could play the tournament tees. Everyone else played the member tees. I shot 81 with penalty shots at 13 and 15 because I went for the green in two. Splashed well short on both. Caddie said he didn’t think I had enough in my 3-wood both times – but it might be close – but I should go for it since I’d never be there again. Glad I tried. Cost me a shot at breaking 80. But I had to try. Hit both shots solid.

My favorite Masters memory happened when I was covering the Peach Jam one year in North Augusta, South Carolina.

I stopped by the fabled course and found an area to walk out on the course.

That apparently is frowned upon as security came from everywhere it seemed.

I explained myself and was “allowed” to go back to my car and be on my way to cover basketball.

Frowned upon? I’m surprised they didn’t just shoot you!

I have not tried it since.

Rumor is there are pictures of this guy and myself on a not allowed list. … ction=view

Augusta National is holy ground I am so glad I was able to go to a practice round with my brother several yrs ago and now that he has passed away that day is forever in my memories.
The course itself is unbeleiveable! not a brown blade a grass anywhere.the thing I took away from it is TV does not really let you see just how sloped the greens are and how shaved they are if you can’t spin the ball like they can you would have no shot at stopping the ball on those greens.I just love the place and am in awe of well they take care of the grounds…this is my Favorite Golf tournament by far and always look forward to it.

Is it true if you shout “Bikini wax” you will be removed from the Masters grounds FOREVER? Also, “Dilly Dilly”? Is there a sign at the entry listing the “banned phrases” so everyone will know how to not get kicked out?

At one point late yesterday… it looked like Augusta had made the leap to the Metric System:

There were 9 guys tied for the lead, and:
1 stroke back put you T10
2 strokes back was T20
and 3 strokes back was T30

There were 10 guys tied at each score! But, it only lasted about 2 or 3 minutes! :smiley:

Craziest Leaderboard I have ever seen… and I have been following golf closely for almost over 35 years.

When you step onto that magnificent golf course you can feel the magic, the history and the feeling of all that has gone on before. For any golfer, it is just a special place. Everyone there, including the players, caddies and fans all act properly. Everyone is there for one purpose…to watch the golf and look at the course. The course is the star at Augusta National…What a place.

There are lots of copies of different holes at Augusta National scattered all over the world. None came close to matching AN’s beauty - even with just one hole.

He is near the top now. But how unusual that they are going off on split tees at 8 in the morning. Like getting up to watch British open. Crowded leaderboard. Should be fun to watch.