The man gets paid through 2022

So everyone stop acting like he is being kicked to the curb with no money and he will be living out of his car. Do I think he deserved to be fired…maybe not, but I also don’t know everything about the situation. Jeff and his family will be fine and he will get over the embarrassment of being fired. He doesn’t strike me as a weak person who will need help getting over this. You move on and persevere. He will do some reflecting and get better at his next place of employment or retirement. This is not a crisis and the U of A will go on regardless of the next hire as AD and Head Football Coach. Keeping Jeff or Coach B will do nothing to improve the view of Arkansas around the country so stop thinking it will. The next hires will be great, good, mediocre, or bad. The whole process is guaranteed to start over again in a few years regardless of the outcome. The power folks give a lot of money to the U of A and I am thankful for that. If they want a seat at the table, so be it. I have no idea if they are responsible for what has happened in the last few days. If it all works out and they played a hand in it…:…most will say what a great move it was. If it doesn’t work out then they will be the scapegoat and gain the ire of many who knew better than to trust a bunch of wealthy idiots. This is the life as a mid level program in the SEC. You keep fighting and looking for the magic sauce to compete and be the Champion. Folks will get their feelings hurt in the process. We are proud of our State and University but stop acting offended or look out in disbelief when things like this happen. This is part of the process when you’re trying to win and win at a high level. You don’t get to decide if your doing a good job…that is the job of your boss and those above you. If winning games isn’t important then why do we keep score and track attendance?

I don’t see anyone feeling sorry for Long. I mostly see people feeling sorry for the UofA. You don’t pay a man almost $5,000,000 to go away if you have a good reason to fire him. If those big donors who demanded he be let go aren’t paying the bill, then the program is getting screwed to scratch some fat cats’ egos. This is just another example of the golden rule: “they who supply the gold get to make the rules.”

I think he deserves every penny that UA owes him.

I think you’ve missed the point of everyone’s position on this. No one is acting like he’s being “kicked to the curb” or will be “living out of his car.” Certainly, I feel bad for anyone who has been fired for anything less than stealing or cheating, but my concerns about this decision have nothing to do with Long’s welfare. I don’t think those are anyone else’s concerns, either. My concern is how this will affect the UA, getting a new coach without a replacement in place, & what it means as far as who influences the program. No one doubts winning football games is important. However, I’m skeptical of how much influence the AD has on the W-L record. It’s not like CBB was a stupid hire from the get go. It looked like a coup in 2012.

Bigger point is whether they can get an AD in here that can build on what Long has accomplished. This isn’t only about football, but football is the 800lb gorilla. Long will be fine, the U of A not so sure…