The man behind the HR surge

Clay Henry introduces us to Josh Elander: … wer-surge/

This was a fun story to do. My thanks to both Josh Elander and Tony Vitello who agreed to do phone interviews from Hoover this week. I was finishing up the June football magazine and couldn’t be out of town, but the feature on Josh is something I’ve wanted to do the last two weeks. I didn’t realize they were not coming home between the A&M series and the SEC tournament.

It was a fun read, Clay.

Great story. Would love to keep him another year.

Great story!

I want to keep Tony Vitello, too. He’s going to be a head coach at some point. Perhaps at some point so will Josh Elander.

Good story Mr. Henry. I’ve already given credit for our hitting success to Vitello and Elander. Spanberger got us going yesterday afternoon. He’s been a monster at the place lately. In spite of all the accolades for Chad, the player who really stood out for me was Murphy. Last year Murphy along with others in our young recruiting class were much maligned. I remember some poster on this site who said that Knight and Richardson were the only two pitchers we had. He went on to say that the other young guys didn’t need to be pitching in SEC baseball. I defended the young guys, saying there was potential that just needed to be developed. Baseball is full of interesting stories and ironies. Don’t count anyone out (Spanberger is a perfect example).

I knew the pitching would be fine when I talked to Dave Jorn over the summer last year. He raved about the pitchers who had just finished their first year, like Knight, Campbell, Murphy, Reindl and Kopps. He said it was just a matter of time before they put everything together. He was right.

I know they were high on Trevor Stephan. There was also thought that Angus Denton was going to be tough, too. There were others in the signing class that haven’t stepped up yet. I know Matt Cronin was highly regarded, as was Lucas Krull. Krull has yet to learn how to locate and throw consistent strikes, but I think there is hope for him, too. You add Campbell and McKinney for next year, and another good recruiting class, I think the pitching is going to be good for awhile.