The Madness continues

Loyola-Chicago (coached by former UALR boss Porter Moser) hit a deep 3 with 0.3 seconds left to knock off Miami.

Porter Moser can coach. Huge mistake by Illinois State to give up on him too early a few years ago.

More local talent to recruit in Chicago than in LR too.

I agree with that

He is a very good coach.

I agree with that too

My bracket was destroyed. I had Miami and South Dakota St. should have reversed the upsets

This is not directed at you, but it is amazing how often I hear people say such and such is a good coach and same Pole call our coach a bad coach, even though our coach has had a lot more success than these other guys. For example: Chris Beard. It is flat annoying.

I want so bad to make the Sweet 16 against Texas Tech for that reason. I think our guys (who I know read some of these boards) would be super motivated because of that and bounce Tech from the tourney.

All three of those guys, MA, Moser and Beard are good coaches. Moser quickly turned things around at UALR-Little Rock after Sid’s disastrous year, Beard came in and quickly assembled a team that won 30 games and a tournament game. Mike may not have the UALR-LR dance card credential, but he made a nice run with UAB-Birmingham. I don’t know much about Beard personally. Moser seems to be a good guy who does things the right way. We know that Mike is top notch and running a program that we can be proud of. Btw, I think I read that Loyola had not had a Chicago public school league player for many years until Moser got there. I would think that his recruiting budget would be minimal given all the local talent. However, Loyola academic standards are considerable. I’d like to see Moser make a nice run. I’ve got nothing against Beard but I’d love to see the Slumberjacks pull the upset tonight.

I agree except I would not mind a bout against TT for the right to go to Elite Eight.

They may not survive Steve Austin!

And Kentucky’s 3 point streak comes to an end

We can take Tech.

For some reason, I wanted KY to win. It makes me feel a little bad, but I’d like to see the SEC dominate the Sweet 16, including the Hogs. That is my plan.


I’d love for all 8 SEC teams to make the Sweet 16. If that happens we’d get FL on next Fri, and possibly Bama next Sunday.

More than one pundit this week said the SEC would be gone before the sweet 16. I suspect that prediction assumed Alabama would lose. So it’s not looking too good right now. I think they should have predicted that the Pac-12 would be gone after day one instead.

Yeah, I agree. Problem is I had Zona making an EE run. Damn WAC-12

SEC #8 took down ACC #7 in an 8/9 game. Good job by Bams. SEC did well on the first day.

Calipari whined all week about his draw. He has a #5 seed and now only has to beat two teams that had to win their conference tourneys to get in in order for UK to advance to the SS. We got a #5 seed and had to go through UNC to get to the SS. Unbelievable.

I watched a little of the Purdue/CSF game. (30-21 @ half. Purdue up). If we feed Gafford the ball and allow him to use some of those quick step moves he does, Purdue’s big guy will foul out. He’s too slow for Dan. Their guards look quicker than I expected, but man, Dan should make a name for himself this weekend.

Urg hadn’t lost a game till the Arizona whopping and I also had them going to the EE. Hate when the bracket gets blown up on the 1st day