The LSU Game was very Simple.

You could see it on the first possession for each team. LSU controlled the LOS on both offense and deffense in a big, big way. The sideline comentator even mentioned it. For years, that is what I watch for at the start of games. Which way does the LOS move? Pretty simple football 101.

The reason is also rather straight forward. Those guys, Bama, Auburn, and LSU are bigger (mostly), quicker, faster, and somewhat stronger. Only way to fix that is in Feb. I have never been one to worry too much about stars, but there were a whole lot more stars on the LSU side of the ball. I have not followed recruiting as closely as many of you. I do have a question about last year’s class and the one coming this year. Are the linemen coming in capable of being SEC (by that, I mean what we saw in white last night) O and D linemen. If not, there better be a change someway, or there will be more of the same.

We are not bringing in top OL. We are doing well last year and this on the DL.