The loss moved us down to 6 in RPI

I’m surprised it hurt us that badly. We still won a road series against a team with a pretty good rpi.

Georgia swept Florida, which despite its struggles still has an RPI 32. Mississippi State got a higher quality road series win at Texas A&M. I’m not surprised to see those teams jump Arkansas.

The Razorbacks can rebound with series wins against LSU or Texas A&M.

If you had told DVH three months ago we’d be 17-7 entering the LSU series, top 6 RPI and a two-game lead in the West, he would have taken it no questions asked. Or maybe asked what you’d been smoking.

Yes… We are only .0033 out of third place… If we win two of the next six games we are a stone cold lock for a top 8 RPI and we may get there with only one win… Depending on what other teams do… And that’s all that really matters to me… Finishing in the top eight…

No, it isn’t ONLY about the RPI… But they really look closely at that unless there is an outlier in a far corner of the country that really needs to host for geographic balance… Even then, that’s usually more about the top 16 that it is the national seeds…

Winning 9 out of 10 is pretty amazing despite a drop in RPI.


Georgia swept Florida, which despite its struggles still has an RPI 32. Mississippi State got a higher quality road series win at Texas A&M. I’m not surprised to see those teams jump Arkansas.

The Razorbacks can rebound with series wins against LSU or Texas A&M.

[/quote]I was very impressed with Kentucky’s Thompson. Ice water in his veins. I thought our guys put on a valiant comeback but landed just a bit shy of a W. Hard to believe that loss at Kentucky, against him, would negatively impact our RPI that much. Shows the error built into RPI (it’s not based on who was on the mound).

What if he had a sore arm and did not pitch today and we blasted their #4 guy. I guess we’d then be that much better of a team?

On the other hand, their #2 guy pitched very well yesterday until the Hogs staged, perhaps, their best come back of the season (on the road). Little regard by the RPI formula for that accomplishment.

We moved up in several polls because OS got sweep by Okie State… Stanford’s record is a joke, they have played 5 Top 25 teams and we have played 17.

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We’re back up to 4 in the RPI. Other losses moved us up. Suits me.

I hate losing to UK, but I’m convinced if we’d played 9 innings yesterday, we’d have won that 3rd game. Came awfully close in 7. Regardless, I don’t think that hurts us much. Might mean Vandy wins the SEC, but to me the big prize is getting to Omaha & doing well there. Getting a high seed in the NCAA helps that now that they seed 1-16. I think we’re in good shape to get at least a 4 seed. Might get as high as 2. Don’t think we’d fall below 6 absent a collapse over the next two weeks.

I’d rather win the SEC than not, but it’s just not a big priority in my mind. Maybe we can sweep LSU, win at least 2 at A&M & Vandy will drop a couple somewhere.

4 of the the top 6 SEC…East Carolina taking the Tennessee Tech role from last year w 5 RPI and good SOS.

Be interesting to see if UCLA is for real.


I wasn’t impressed by a lot of the hogs taking cuts at pitches over their head! That’s what I don’t like. If that would have been a 9 inning game the hogs win running away. Rain messed the weekend up!
I hope there’s no rain this weekend at home for LSU or at Texas A&M. 9 inning games go in the Hogs favor.

UCLA won a February series at Georgia Tech, which has proven to be very good, beat Molester State in their series early, beat Stanford and swept East Carolina.

Tonight the Bruins are playing Long Beach State at home. Normally the Dirtbags are very good; this year they’re terrible (11-34, RPI in the mid-200s). Will be interesting to see what kind of RPI hit they take from this one, win or lose – especially lose. Their RPI number right now is 0.6460 according to Warren Nolan, so we can see the effect of this game tonight.

UCLA beat Long Beach 2-1 in 12 innings, on a passed ball with the bases loaded.

However, because LBSU is so bad, and because UCLA was playing at home, they took enough of an RPI hit that they are no longer the #1 RPI team. Vanderbilt, which defeated Louisville tonight, is. UCLA dropped from 0.6460 RPI to 0.6429. No telling how much they would have dropped if LBSU had gotten a runner in scoring position home in the 11th and won.

Vandy’s RPI is 0.6433, so they are the top RPI by a very narrow margin.

Our RPI in #4 is 0.6184. Moo U in third is 0.6197. If Moo U were to lose to Memphis Wednesday night at home, or maybe even if they win due to SOS hit (Memphis is #113), we might move past the Leghumpers.

Back down to 5th in RPI. Moo U edged Memphis 10-9 tonight in Starkville and remains ahead of us, but East Carolina took the 111-mile bus ride over to Chapel Hill tonight and came home with a road victory over the Tar Heels that bumped them up over both us and the Humpers into third (remember that UCLA swept ECU in Los Angeles last month).

UCLA, which briefly fell below Vandy, is back in the #1 spot. Bruins are at 0.6435 RPI to 0.6428 for Vandy. ECU is 0.6209, Moo U is 0.6199 and we’re at 0.6187. Georgia is sixth at 0.6144.

Ridiculous ECU ahead of us…SMH.

Very easily explained. RPI formula loves road wins. ECU has 16 of them. We have 11. Even getting swept at UCLA, they’re 16-7 on the road. Other road losses are to Duke (RPI 45), Campbell (RPI 61), Moo U (RPI 3) and Houston (RPI 37). Won at Ole Miss and UNC. Same number of bad losses we have, two. Overall SOS is #20, not quite as good as ours (#12) but not shabby.

I don’t think ECU is in line for a national top-8 seed – yet. In four weeks they may be. Warren Nolan projects them to remain the #3 RPI through the regular season.

There you go, great resume material. Someone should tell MSU that their trip to Fayetteville was extremely successful.

The formula is quite faulty, should be waited for conference play.

I wonder where they’d stack up in the SEC West.

Well, obviously getting swept is never good, but it’s pretty clear MSU’s losses in Fayetteville didn’t hurt them. They’re #4 in the RPI–ahead of us. However, I expect our RPI will go up if we sweep LSU or perhaps even if we win a 2-1 split. MSU goes to Ole Miss this weekend. That won’t hurt their RPI, either. (I’m pulling for a split in that series. Don’t really care which way.)

Well, they’re 1-1 against the SEC West, both played in Mississippi. I suspect they’d be quite competitive.

College baseball teams play up to 56 games. Only 30 of those are in conference in the SEC and the AAC. You can’t control who you play in conference, but you can control your nonconference schedule. ECU’s nonconference RPI is #7. Ours is #36.

Don’t get me wrong, I think we’re better than ECU. But not by much. They deserve a top 10 ranking.

ECU has a very good program but we have played a tougher schedule and are in a much better league I can see them in top 10 but can’t see them being ahead of us,the RPI is crazy how they determine things but I never got a call from them wanting me to state my opinion.We just need to TCB and we will be fine.