The Loss at LSU

I guess you could say LSU’s lone SEC win over the Hogs is their resume builder.

But, it’s getting increasingly obvious that their lone SEC win appears as a very, very bad loss for our Hogs.

Yet, no one else probably cares that there was no mention of TB, Nick or Makhel in the stats.

Now we’ve had two consecutive road W’s - what a performance difference and turnaround.

Yeah that was a real hiney biter. Would love to have that one, at Missouri and Vandy back. Win those 3 and we’re in position for a very good seed.

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Just bad timing for us. Would have been better to have a tough one like at Alabama then (likely to lose either way) and get LSU later once we figured things out a bit better. Think we could possibly have won at Auburn now too. And Missouri…arghh. That was a tough one to take.

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The LSU loss even seems worse after some of the calls that were made and not made. The base line drive by LSU where they clearly stepped
Out of bounds made the basket and the and 1! The sorry charge call and the lack of a whistle when Council drove to get stuffed at the end.
At Vandy just a perfect night for Memorial magic and our hogs went down. At Missouri is was impossible to hold a lead.
I would say the LSU, Vandy and Auburn loss bother me more than the road loss at Missouri.
All 4 of those games could have been wins.

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