THE loser team last night

It’s tough when there’s a loser in a game ( last night)with the important repercussions that was dealt. My personal thoughts on the outcome? I loved it more than a hog loves slop!
NEXT, not withholding all the respect and honor that Joe Burrow is due because he truly is a phenomenon. I’m curiously wondering if it would be more beneficial for Arkansas from a recruiting perspective if LSU lost the championship game.

p.s. I hope trash-hell was watching and I know he was

right now, and in the past, we are not in the same league as them recruiting wise. not even close.

i don’t think it matters one way or another if they win or lose. i hope they win because its the sec, sec west specifically.

not sure we will ever recruit like Bama, LSU, Auburn, or A&M…

we had our best recruiting class last year and weren’t close to any of those. If Pittman ever does get close, watch out, but it’s going to take our best recruiting effort.

I’m not sure how an LSU win affects our recruiting, but it could help us in a way. An NC broadens their recruiting possibilities. They can get someone from California to VA by winning. Yet they can only take 25. It might allow us to get a pretty good LSU reject from LA or Tex.

LSU has gotten who they want so it is not going to change much. If you check their past, they have reached out a little with some success. I’d just as soon see them win over Clemson. I know many of you dislike LSU folks. There are some who have earned a bad reputation. But I know many I like, including a next door neighbor who is a retired Baton Rouge policeman of high rank. I love him. Glad he is my neighbor. He is a good LSU fan and displays purple and gold on his mail box. But he also pulls for the Hogs. Good neighbor in my town of Norfork.


I have a lot of LSU friends. Saw one at church today. Good folks down there. We lived in the NOLA area briefly in the early 80’s. We loved the people, the food and the general hospitality they had for our family. I’ve seen bad fans at every SEC stadium I’ve been too. Arkansas included.

I’ll be rooting for LSU in the championship game because I’m a fan of Coach O.

This should be a good game. I’ll enjoy it from my RV down in Florida.
And yes our RV is decked out with Hogs.

Win lose or draw…I’m for Arkansas.


I’m also all in for LSU. They have a top 5 (maybe the best) all-time offense this year. They probably need to win to get full recognition for that. I’m not a big fan of upsets in National Championship games (unless the Hogs happen to be the underdog).

Clemson has perhaps been the best team in college football over the last 5 years, but this year, LSU is better. I hope they win by at least a couple touchdowns.

I’ll be pulling for LSU. I’ve been fascinated by Louisiana since I read the biography of Huey Long, I love New Orleans, and I’ve followed LSU football since the days of Cholly Mac and Bert Jones (who I once met at a football camp, and is the older brother of former Razorback QB Tom Jones).

Thanks for everyones sincere replies. I too have several Cajun friends and I also like coach O but I also like The Dabo. As I can vaguely recall Joe Ferguson ( Ark QB ) and Terry Bradshaw ( long-time fan ) were either FROM Ruston La. or maybe TB just went to college at La Tech in Ruston. - just jabbering now- I’m out.

I feel I have to respect the ONLY coach that can beat Saban 2 out of 3 times in the NC

I got my masters from UNO but had a lot of LSU time because of coastal zone fisheries stuff that I needed and a thesis professor that I had to visit in BR often. No love for BR but I have so many friends from LSU that I cannot dislike them automatically. Really appreciate Joe Burrows, am a huge Saints fan so I really love Brady, truly sad for Ensmingers. But, I rode on a plane from Charlotte to Barbados sitting next to Jackson Carmady who is a great dude and OT (#79) for Clemson, his girlfriend is from Nashville and we talked food, fishing and surfing for 3 plus hours. Jackson is one of the largest most agile kids walking the planet and he was a stud last night. He talked Dabo and Dabo in spring training with the Cardinals, talked a bit about a kid from my daughters school who is a LB for Clemson and plays a little on D and a lot on special teams so I root big time for Jackson. He went thru how Clemson got him from Ohio State since he is a Cinncy native and was the #1 OL recruit in the nation. He was going surfing and my daughter and he talked a lot because she is really good for a native Nashvillian. We talked with the surfing folks who found him a board (way hard to do given his size) and gave him some lessons. Hard for me to ever be against Jackson but I am leaning to LSu and my bandwagon wifey fandom since she is New Orlenian but not a purple blooded LSwhoer.

I am not going to evoke the SEC loyalty or superior attitude, Will be okay either way as long as Jackson is studly again. He handled Chase Young every time Chase was on his side and I focused every time he was shown.

Would probably help my season ticket situation for Clemson to lose. The more championships they win, the more difficult it is to upgrade tickets

But I can’t cheer for LSU

Growing up my step-dad was from and a die-hard bama fan so with me even as a child I liked bama (actually THE BEAR ) but I told my step-dad I’ll pull for bama until they play Arkansas. I eventually changed my agreement with him to… I’ll be for whoever has the best chance for a NC potential. Because we lived down there for 15 yrs. growing up I still have quiet a number of school friends/acquaintances from there but they’re pert near unbearable to tolerate when discussing college football. Bottom line, I can relate to your not liking to cheer for a team that your heart is not in.

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Have to root for LSU, even though they are an Arkansas rival (went to the game where McFadden and the rest of the team won in 6 OTs at LSU, which my son still says is the best sporting event he has ever been to, and he went to the Olympics in China and saw Usain Bolt) and, when I went to Tulane they were our rival (even though we had not beaten them in football since WWII), as the LSUCKS signs on campus reminded us. A friend I play basketball with at UNC is from Baton Rouge. I had just finished a book on Pete Maravich and it said that James Carville was at LSU the same time Pete Maravich was. So I told my friend that Pete Maravich (who scored 69 points in a game at Tulane when I was a student–but Tulane won anyway) and James Carville were at LSU the same time I was at Tulane, from 1968-72. And he said “Well, do you know who went to else went to LSU when you were at Tulane? Both my parents.” Geez, and sometimes I have to guard him. So even though the saying is you should respect your elders, not the reverse, I have to root for LSU because of him.

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lol good story .Friends for life, sounds like.

Bradshaw and Ferguson both went to Woodlawn High in Shreveport, then Terry was a Tech Bulldog. Joe succeeded Terry as the Woodlawn QB.

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Pulling for LSU for sure. I love the people in LA. They have their share of rowdies just like we do but great people, great food, great culture.

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I saw Pete Maravich play when he was with the NO Jazz What a shooter! I went to almost every home game during the 77-78 season Pete was hurt (bad knees) and missed a lot of game but he was fun to watch Cheap seats were $4 Parking in the Superdome was $5.

I lived in NOLA for 4 years in the mid 70s and have LSU friends so I rooted for LSU

In talking to recruits, when SEC teams do well, it makes kids want to play in the league.

I have no doubt that is why Julius Coates ended up at Arkansas instead of Oregon or Colorado.

I am only about 2 hours from baton rouge, and I have quite a few good LSU friends. I have enjoyed giving it to them when we have beat them in the past :blush::blush::blush:

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