The Longhorns are killing it in recruiting in Texas...

According to Sports Illustrated, they have commitments from 11 of the top 15 rated players in Texas for 2018. Quite a turnaround for Tom Herman. Texas will be good again pretty soon it appears. He is an impressive young coach. I understand he is a member of Mensa. I surely did enjoy Texas being sorry.

Longhorns are among the best at winning in February and losing in October. Don’t start handing them Big 12 titles just yet.

They had monster recruiting classes under Charlie Strong too! And flames out in October like Swine fine stated. Don’t worry about the Longhorns.

In my mind, I want Texas to do well and recruit well, because it sucks the life out of A&M when they do.

Which is exactly what we need.

I saw something the other day that Big 12 schools, led by Texas but including others, are landing many more of the top recruits in Texas than in recent years. Meaning they’re not going to A&M or LSU either.

I figured that was a good hire for Texas. He’ll do well there. Its actually more of a surprise when someone doesn’t recruit well at Texas. And, Herman’s reputation is that he’s a good recruiter and good coach. The Big 12 has potential to improve.

I don’t worry too much about Texas making it tough for Arkansas and Chad Morris to still get enough good players in the Lone Star State. There are 250 to 300 good ones there every year.

It’s bigger new when they don’t do well.

They have all the advantages of the flagship school in Texas.

And BTW, they still suck.

What was it, when Mack Brown was coach they would have the #1 class every year and they didn’t do all that great.

Yeah I’ve noticed a lot of good players going to Baylor, for some unknown reason?

I’ve noticed the usually to OU. TCU is doing well, but not great, like always.

I think there’s a place for Arkansas to come in and be a presence. We should be able to out recruit the likes of Baylor, TCU, Okie light, and honestly depending on the part of the state, LSU. I don’t think we ever out recruit A&M in Texas, unless Jimbo flops and ruins their chance of ever signing a big name, fingers crossed.

I think we will do really well next year in Texas. We desperately need 8 wins this season though, I think that’s critical. It will be tough considering the state that Bret left the program.

I believe Tom Herman will turn Texas around and in 2/3 year be competing with Alabam and the likes for national championships. Previous coaches didn’t recruit well and when they got the talent they didn’t coach them well enough. Two teams that I see making a impact down the road are Texas and Nebraska they both have the coach needed to make a difference and couple that with stringing great not good recruiting classes together the landscape will change in the top ten football rankings. You have to have coaching staffs capable of doing more with less to get the snow ball rolling then it will become bigger and bigger and good things will happen. I don’t regret our hiring of CBB it seemed great at the time but didn’t work out so you shake the dust from your sandals and move on, now we have CCM and the key to his first 3 years will be to do more with less and hopefully get the snowball rolling!! WPS

Herman is an immeasurably better coach that Strong. He will be what Saban was to Shula. Hope you enjoyed the down years cuz he’ll bring them back quickly

We have never had multiple coaches with NETWORKS of connections in Texas like we do now. We also didn’t have connections in pipeline HS programs like a Dallas Carter so most of the Texas kids we did get were here and there finds. Things have changed for the first time in my fan life because we now have NETWORK connections in East TX and DFW as well as connections in some perennial pipeline schools. I think TX HS FB recruiting is going to change for us in a big way.

I agree, and can’t wait!