The longer this goes.

The less impressed I am with Yurachek. If the reports of him deciding to fire Anderson in January are accurate, he should have had all this sorted out ahead of time. With all the conflicting reports on everyone from Sampson, Muscleman, Beard, and so fourth, to who fired Anderson,who is really in charge up there? The Chancellor? The Board? The AD? Does anybody really know? Perhaps our inability to be very competitive in two of the three revenue sports is not the coaching, but the leadership. Is this mediocre leadership what our tax dollars goes to subsidize? We may not like, MSU, LSU, Auburn, Bama, and so on, but they have the leadership that knows what it wants and how to get it. I just wished we had leadership that was as competent.

You know it’s only been 1 week since it was reported. The reports are “conflicted” because you have people spreading unconfirmed rumors. I’m anxious too, but this is a huge decision. Would rather have it done right then rushed.

On the other side of thinking, could be if it goes on longer it’s because we’re waiting on someone who’s still coaching… but I’m of the opinion we won’t be waiting that long.

I wouldn’t believe anything I read especially that he decided to fire him in January. Too many rumors to believe anything right now. My advice, wait for a Dudley post! Just saying.

You put together a bunch of questions for yourself that led you to the conclusion you wanted. Well done!

Sorry but I have to disagree with the original assessment. It seems very clear as to who is in charge and that is the guy who is suppose to be in charge. It is my opinion that the real problems come when the AD is not in charge and Arkansas has certainly had their share of that type of leadership. This AD may make a horrible hire but it is my opinion that he is going at it the right way.

After all of the hoopla & rumors of which most seems to be generated by unconfirmed or second handed sources and friends of friends sources. Then all of that gets expanded on message boards.
I think it’s just best and wait for something official from our own trusted sources here or a press conference.

Remember all the rumors and speculation when CBB was hired. (Gulp).
Let’s just hope HY gets this one right though.

it’s been one week. T A&M job been open for 3 weeks and no hire yet. An overreaction.

The reports of HY deciding to fire him in January are asinine. Maybe it crossed his mind but he’s not sharing that with anyone, especially someone that’s going to leak it. I don’t think he reached a full decision until last Monday after their meeting. Your post is based on message board rumors and then assumptions. No one truly knows what is going on but our AD. And he’s not telling the BOT anything until it’s time to approve a contract. They hired him and they are all intelligent people who understand how this stuff works. To think otherwise is nuts.

Well then they must be on option 27 by now :o

Thursday presser scheduled to introduce Buzz as the next Aggie coach. Is it possible this was a done deal before Billy Kennedy was axed?

Everyone else got a 2 - 3 week jump on AR on their coaching search and announced their hires before we even fired our coach. So what’s the big deal other than getting the Coach in here to talk to the team and try to keep the players he wants from transferring and then on to recruiting from there.

I think what occurred was he began to have some serious doubts in January and the end of year meeting did not go well with MA… HY is very impressed with CCM’s aggressive and innovative and relentless approach to recruiting to try to dig his way out of a hole… I think he wants the same for basketball as well and MA didn’t have that type of plan so HY concluded it wasn’t going to get any better

I think this is right. I also think that HY’s initial impression was very poor the roughly week or so he took our job when one of Mike’s better teams was beaten by almost 30 points by Sampson and Houston. The way that season ended by uninspired double digit first round loss in NCAA, followed by poor year this year, lack of aggressive CCM type recruiting plan to get better, and prospect of hoping for a late period juco pick up as answer likely inspired zero confidence. I think HY was skeptical from the beginning for a coach of Mike’s tenure but the above factors, together with lack of aggressive recruiting plan when they met provided little confidence program could make a step back to national relevance.

If they haven’t tried yet, I’d throw everything I had at Matta…if he’s healthy AND he seems re-charged & motivated. For all the people that brought up Mike never having a losing record, check out Matta’s. He’s also had 17 years, at 3 schools, and NO losing records, but a career winning percentage of 74% to Mike’s 65%. And, Matta is 8 years younger than Mike.