The longer this goes, is it safe to assume

there is at least some interest from Beard in the job?

I wouldn’t think they would wait on him if he was completely uninterested (as I thought had been reported).

Everyone seems to think he’s destined to end up at TAMU or TX.

We could be waiting in Marshall at Wichita
Or Dixon at TCU

The most plausible rumor may be there is a power struggle. They haven’t set the arena up for 2-3 days for nothing. Obviously someone didn’t show.

Maybe we are in a bidding war over Buzz or something.

Maybe we are now in full scramble mode?

Maybe none of that.

Was just having this same conversation with my brother-in-law. No reason to wait around for Beard unless there was some inclination he would have some interest.

I wish that we were waiting for Beard. That would be best case scenario. But, when does a guy leave his school after making the FF? He may make and win the NC, I just cant see him leaving.

It took Shaka Smart four years to leave VCU after a Final Four for a better job, but he did.

Ironic that you mention Shaka.

That may be what beard is waiting on… that’s another problem.

Maybe we are waiting on the Lipscomb coach.

It was a much different scenario, but Roy Williams left Kansas for North Carolina after back-to-back Final Fours. His last game with Kansas was that national championship game loss to Syracuse.

At that point, after Matt Doherty’s regime, going from Kansas to UNC was a step down, but Williams was going back home.

You make a good point Swine, but UNC knew they were getting a coach who knew how to win. Big. And that’s what they were used to - winning.

Unlike the UA who can’t get a hire right to save their lives.

I want to point something out about Beard. I’ve seen some against Musselman for only having four years D1 experience. How many do y’all think Beard has?

Oh they absolutely got the hire right. After botching the Doherty hire.

Beard has four years in D1. Exactly the same as Muss.

Everyone assumes it is Beard we are waiting on. What if it’s someone else?

Very well could be. I mean we really don’t know anything at all.

Who knows, maybe we’re waiting on an NBA coach.

Just saw someone say there is a jet on its way to Greece, Slick Rick baby

Hahah, if you’re being serious, a UA jet?

I mean… there wouldn’t be any questioning who that was going to pick up.

Btw, did he actually ever admit to anything?

Someone on Twitter said a jet was heading to Greece, what Jet I have no idea

And no I don’t think he did

I checked, he never has.

Also apparently passed a polygraph, and said he didn’t know under oath.

Either way, if HY even interviewed him, we’d have a small portion of the fan base roll over dead instantly.

Not that I think we’re going after Slick Rick, but his season in Greece won’t be over at least until mid-May, and there are playoffs after that.