The Long Nights are Near

I’m hearing the HC out of Nevada has the inside edge, are you kidding me? It is a cry shame a good solid coach was fired for an experimental coach out of one of the mid-major conferences. The SEC will eat him alive, with this hire you won’t have a kid left in the program…one of the posters posted “winter is coming” last week, yeah and the nights will be long

Tell us how you really feel. Don’t hold back.

You know I love Mike, but I’m not sure about your worry.

Other than big names, this was the one I heard about very early on before he even came up on the message boards and after studying his style and history, I thought he’d be a good fit.

I don’t know about players leaving. His style can easily translate to the players we already have.

So, tell me how Eddie Sutton coming from Creighton was much different than this move, if it happens? Did Eddie have any NBA experience? Any prior SWC expeirence?

Nolan’s big claim to fame at Tulsa was winning the NIT. That’s great, but it’s not like he had a bunch of Sweet Sixteen appearances until he came to Arkansas.

Coaching changes always bring out the chicken-little types.

The only difference in Eddie coming was very few people cared about Razorback basketball at that time. He and then Nolan created all the excitement about Razorback basketball.

Geez. Would have said that if we hired a UALR coach 3 years ago too. Now he’s the hottest name in the country.

There are mid major guys on big time upswings and mid major guys there for a reason. We need the former. Can be done.

Mussleman has of course already been an assistant in the SEC, at LSU, and has also coached in the NBA and the G League. Perhaps he won’t be so easy to swallow and digest as the OP suggests.

Musselman is going to be a great hire for someonw. If Beard is off the market I hope we can seal the deal with him.

Exactly. I have no opinion on Mussellman or any other candidate except perhaps Beard (who I don’t think is coming), but we’re not going to hire Bill Self or Billy Donovan. They ain’t comin’ Every hire is something of a crapshoot. Beard had only coached at UALR before taking TT to the final four.

I am sure if we hired some assistant from Ark Tech or something, I’d go nuts wondering what we’d come to, but we’re not going to do that. We’re still a good enough job that we can get someone who has a decent chance of returning us to basketball glory. But we’re not gonna get someone we all know will do that. We just need to hope HY knows what he’s doing & that whoever he hires will do the job well. However, it’s still a crapshoot, so I’m gonna support whomever we hire.

It’s going to be fine. We needed a change desperately. Mike’s recruiting was below average. That is what did him in.

As the guy who posted Winter is Coming, I think Eric Musselman would be a great choice if Arkansas decides to go that way.

I would say read some of the stories that have been up here to get a better look at him.

I’m trying man, really trying. Having to try is what’s so concerning I guess.

In watching some videos, he said one thing that caught my attention big time. He’s he trying to play like Golden State. Big plus there.

From what I’ve read about him I would hardly expect him to “be eaten alive”. Looks like a pretty tough dude who plans to do the eating himself.

We could certainly stand for an interjection of toughness into the team

I hope that HY hires Musselman ASAP and not wait to be spurned by Beard.
Musselman would be a much better fit and sell IMO than the cold natured Greg Marshall.
Like most fans I hoped everything would be rainbows and unicorns when CMA was hired and he could return the Hogs to its glory days, but it just didn’t and wasn’t going to happen. I wish him nothing but better days ahead.
Musselman and Nate Oates were the first two guys that came to mind when CMA’s firing took place. Alabama snatched Oates up as soon as his Buffalo team was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament and now I hope that HY doesn’t allow the BOT’s to dictate that he wait to be turned down by Beard and lose out on what in my opinion could be a really good coach for the Razorbacks .

Go Hogs!

Didn’t Eddie and Nolan both get hired in the SWC? Are we seriously going to compare the SWC to the 2018-2019 SEC? It’s an entirely different animal.

So true …

So if we had been in the SEC at time, then Eddie and Nolan would have been bad hires?

The swc in the day was a very good conference. Houston, Texas, SMU, Tech were very good teams w good coaches at the time. The original posters name says it all. Anderson or nothing.

Sounds like a good hire if he is indeed the hire. He knows the game. Recruiting is the key but recruiting was the problem w last staff. Read Clays column. Time will tell.

I’ll pull for whoever is hired.

This guy has be an NBA head coach. That’s major experience there pal.