The life of Muss

Muss rode a beach cruiser for three hours yesterday.

He plans to hang out with Padres manager Bob Melvin before Monday’s game.

He’ll be at batting practice on Monday & Tuesday.


Yeah he’d be a fun guy to hang with!!


Oh to be out in San Diego riding bicycles…

Muss is always talking about walking the boardwalk along the beach eating a burrito out there. I think we know where he will live in retirement, hopefully a long time from now

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Ah… a burrito from Roberto’s next to Torrey Pines beach… I miss that so much…

The Padres stadium in downtown San Diego is really nice. Great place to watch a game.

Only time Megan and I were there was when Hunter Henry and some other rookies threw out the first pitch. Perfect timing to go to a game.

SD weather wise is heaven on earth. Would love to live there but out of our price range.

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Mahi mahi at the Chart on the pier,. Best dinner I have ever had

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When I was living there and working for Qualcomm, they had 2 suites and I got to be in those a bunch of times with customers. We also had a year-end event there and got to go out on the field and run in from the dugouts. With our music playing. It was a really fun experience. I really miss living there for many reasons and the weather is pretty high on that list.

San Diego of today is not like it was in the 80s. Greatly more congested, very little green, a lot of gray, grime and desert dirt. And of course May Haze and June Gloom weather. Throw in California politics, horrible crime and high taxes and cost of living…not for me or others. A lot of the middle class is moving out of San Diego and California. I guess if you have enough $$$ you can insulate yourself from the exterior degraders while living in San Diego.
UA…Campus of Champions

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it’s May Gray, June Gloom and July Fry… and it’s congested, have to get out of town to find green, taxes aren’t really that much higher than AR… cost of living is mainly housing and gas, everything else is about a wash between here (NWA) and there… Politics suck, dirty dealings for sure and there is definitely a large number of folks leaving the state.

I just enjoyed living there though, loved the weather and the beach… great dining and other entertainment.

HI is a pretty expensive place to live, or so I’ve heard, would like to give that a try though.

Love San Diego as well…great weather, great people, great diversity. Many friends there. Politics suck in Arkansas and everywhere else too, anyway, so have no problem with that. Can’t beat the weather, the food, and the beach! I’d live there in a heartbeat if I could as well. I know it’s home for Muss and probably always will be.

Hopefully we can continue to keep him happy in our wonderful little secluded small town in the Ozarks. He certainly seems to be happy here for the time being and hope we can keep him that way for a number of years!



granddaughter is living out there for free!courtsey of the United States Maries! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Really great family pictures. Makes you smile.

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My daughter lives in San Diego, I’ll tell her to get on her cruiser and track Muss down.
“Yea sure Dad” Be the response tho.

Aloha, recommend to start at La Jolla.
UA… Campus of Champions

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