The latest rumored DC

Travis Williams from UCF is the latest ‘strong candidate’/expected hire. I don’t know what to believe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So he worked at auburn is a gus guy. Ties to Alabama Georgia and Florida. I can get behind it. Jackson whatcha think?

CPS needs to hire someone before his entire defense is in the Portal.

CBS is reporting this is happening.

SEC playing and SEC coaching experience. I like it! He can relate to the players.

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This is what we have written on Williams:

Matt, Otis is saying we did hire him. I know he works on a different site than you guys, but he’s pretty reliable

Lots to like, but time will tell. If our defensive recruiting improves considerably that will tell the tale we all want to hear.


I agree 1000%…… I think this is hire based Recruiting, not that others are not… but this one for sure…I’m curious on what his defensive staff will eventually look like? Could be no changes, although history tells you that will not be the case… and how we finish in recruiting….

I went to the Alabama game in Fayetteville with one of my Alabama friends. The game got sort of close for a little while, but in the end Alabama pulled away easily. My Bama buddy just kept telling me that we don’t have any talent. And he’s right, of course. If Sam is doing all of this to emphasize recruiting, then hats off to him. Whatever he can do to stress recruiting I’m 100% behind.

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