The latest report from “sources”

Momentum building with Gregg Marshall?

Well, I for one hope so. He’s a homerun in my mind.

What sources?

Yes please.

The sources was a joke, poking fun at the situation,

But some reporter on Twitter is who said it. I’ll try to find the tweet.

What worries me about Marshall is how many players have left his program lately. Word is he’s very hard to get along with and is pretty rough on his players.

No doubt he’s a good coach but can his type of recruits win in the SEC?

They were unbeaten going into the tourney one season, went to the final four in another season, and went to the sweet sixteen and elite 8 in two other seasons. He’s also won a couple of NIT’s. That’s a heckuva lot for Wichita State, and the people out there are forking out a lot of $$$ and perks to keep him there.

I don’t care if he’s abrasive and hurts feelings. The results he’s consistently had in his career clearly spell out that he’s capable and ready. Whether or not he’s willing to drop what he has in Wichita and come to Fayetteville is the bigger question.

I’d be very happy with him. I had him in my top 5 “pie in the sky” list. Much rather have him than Sampson. When I think of Wichita St and Marshall, I see a bruising front court at first glance. That’s something we haven’t seen at Arkansas since Nolan. His teams will also run with you and can score, and, imagine this, they can also rebound.

The tweeter was Adam Nelson.

I personally don’t care how hard he is to deal with. We’ve had coaches that were easy to deal with… how’d that turn out?

Players leaving? That’s the name of the game, find the ones that stick and win with them. His success speaks for itself to me.

My thoughts as well. I’ve heard he’s hard to deal with and a lot of players have a hard time playing for him. You can get away with that in the Missouri Valley Conference losing players, but not in the SEC. Also, his performance since moving to the AAC has been underwhelming IMO, and AAC is terrible right now, really only 1 good team in Houston.

Easy man…didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers. Just stating my opinion.

The name of the game is recruiting your kind of guys so they don’t leave. Some of our current team will be in for a shock whoever the next coach is I think.

Not ruffled lol. Just putting my thoughts.

Oh if it’s Marshall, chances are we will have some guys move on after practice 1. I don’t know how Marshall’s practices are, but I assume if he is as tough as they say, some of our guys won’t be so receptive.0

We had a Coach like that once.
Demanded a lot from his players and pretty hard on them to.
His name was Nolan Richardson.

[quote]“He creates a certain kind of adversity in practice that makes the in-game adversity easier to deal with. When you first get here, it’s almost like a shellshock situation where you’re almost like, ‘Dang, what’d I sign up for?’ Some days you feel like Coach hates you, but it’s all calculated and for a reason.”
Wichita State guard Landry Shamet

funny how that works.


Great find!!!

Would you guys agree that most of our current team is a little soft and that it will be tough for them to handle this type of coaching?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t hire Marshall because of this just curious on your opinions.

One, what program doesn’t have transfers today? Secondly, who are all these transfers that you speak of? In the last four years I can only find two transfers Reeves and this season Chance Moore, who was averaging five minutes. In fact, Reeves is the only player that I can find that transferred while getting double-figure minutes. Martshall has had more five-year seniors than tranfers in the last five years and has gotten value in the tramsfer market.

Where did I say other programs don’t have transfers? And where did you see me say he had a lot of transfers? I said I’ve heard he’s hard to deal with and a lot of players have a hard time playing for him and that won’t work in the SEC, if you’re a high major guy those guys will leave quicker than they will if they are a mid-major program and Wichita was the best school that was interested in them. That’s just my opinion. I’ve spoken to a guy that’s a coach that knows Marshall and has said as much about his personality. I see that you post on Hogville as well, there’s a thread going on in there discussing it going in more depth, if you got a beef with that, you’re welcome to take it up with them. I’m just going off of information that was told to me from people I trust.


Along with Reeves and Moore: … ita-state/