The latest on John Mincey

The only visit he has set for now is to Arkansas on Jan. 26-28. That doesn’t mean he won’t set other visits. He’s playing basketball so that complicates things as far as setting up trips.

Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee are on him hard. The visit from Morris and Bobby Allen in Dec helped.

He’s wanting to get to know the DC and DL coach when they’re announced. Sounds like he’s hoping John Scott Jr. is on the staff. The people I talk to there mention Scott a lot and say the relaltionship he and Scott had was key in his decision.

Refresh my memory on Scott please

Coach John Scott was hired last year. He is one that went out and recruited this young man. I think he came from the the Jets.

Scott also had a good relationship with the kid from Georgia who signed.

Yes, very much so.

Noah Jefferson had said during the transition that he remained interested in Arkansas especially because of Scott. I wonder if there is still mutual interest?? I haven’t heard anything about him lately.

I think we’ll know when the DC is on board.