The latest on Jacolby Criswell

He could take a visit to Wisconsin next weekend. His old OC is in Madison now with Fickell.

If this weekend’s visit to Arkansas goes well, I think he’ll be done though.

Let’s hope so. First thing I thought when I saw longo going to wisky.

I think the Wisconsin starter also entered the portal. Hope he knows how cold it is there

Isn’t he the same OC that did not play him at North Carolina?


Good point @gonavy. They picked the frosh over him.

If Jacolby wants to bring some teammates with him through the portal, there’s 5 star CB Tony Grimes and one of my favorite names in college football, CB Storm Duck.

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So technically, I think Jacolby could play for 3 seasons. Even if he does not beat out KJ, he could start for 2, though he might get beat out by Singleton at some point. He probably realizes though, that the way KJ is used, almost guarantees that he will get to play at some point next year. There will be competition anywhere he goes. Really hoping he misses his home state.

Get the NIL $$$$ for Storm Duck!

Know any businesses in Stuttgart?


You might be right. Played 6 games as a freshman, 4 games as a soph and 4 games as a redshirt soph, according to the UNC website. So with six years to play five, 2021 was his redshirt year and the COVID year gives him three more years.

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