The latest from Sam Pittman on KJ Jefferson

From his radio show tonight at The Catfish Hole:

Until the last two games, the offense has been more productive than last year (I realize the competition is tougher), but it does seem the receivers are not getting open and last year when that was happening, KJ would throw it up to Burks and he would make tremendous plays.
I’ll preference my comments by admitting I’m just a fan without inside information or expertise when it comes to analysis, but it seems to me the defense is the real concern so far and the secondary are is the chief problem. With Catalon out and the two defections to LSU, we haven’t been able to replace with equal talent; so, the blitzes, when not successful, lead to big plays. I think they may just have to go back to the three man line and risk dying one cut at a time, rather than the big plays defeating us.

the thing about playing 3 down, you can always bring #42, rush 4, and still play zone. You can bring Bump sometimes too. Or a corner blitz. You can mix who you bring…

I certainly favor rushing 4 versus 3 more often than not…but playing some flavor of zone behind it. Our experiment with man should be over. With McGlothern and Cat and Slusher man would have been possible. But only one of those is healthy.

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