The Last Time We Were 6-0 = 2014 Portis and Qualls

The Hogs lost the next two games on the road. Winning road games against top division teams is not easy, but they are meaningful and insightful. Anyway, that 2014 team won 27 games for the season before succumbing to the tarheels.

Now, while I’m excited for our current team, I do recognize it lacks a Portis, and a Gafford, and anyone above 6-5 who can dribble and jump…so, I’m just chillin and enjoyin the plus things going on.

Props to the coaching staff…and the players for making this year’s Thanksgiving less of a Turkey for us Hog fans.

Heck I remember once when we were like 12 or 13 - 0 beating ranked OK & TX along the way. Then bam we lost every conference game afterward. John Pelphrey days.
But we gonna be ok with Muss at the helm.

I knew someone would bring that up. Please don’t jinx us

Thought it was safe for this weekend.:smiley:

I was actually talking about Jim’s reply

We were actually 12-1 after beating Texas in 2009, having lost at Missouri State in November. Then we went in the tank, 2-14 in SEC play.

After that hot start, many fans were bemoaning that the blue cats were going to come calling for our coach. Obviously, that was a misplaced concern. Was that the same year, he had like the #1 ranked class coming in, before he was let go?

That year and that coach don’t apply to this years team. This years hogs lack inside height and we all know that.
I’d they finish 9-9 in conference play we will be lucky. The non conference schedule doesn’t challenge them very much at all. Outside of WKY, GA Tech and Indiana it doesn’t appear to be very brutal.
This incoming class once signed and on campus brings some hope!
I’d this years hogs play strong defense and can find away to rebound enough to win they will be lucky.

Our size will catch up with us in some games but the overall improvement of defense and fundamentals will get us a few we might not have gotten. Defense and movement on offense with better shot selection travels. Future seems bright.

I have learned to be cautious and not predict glory (not you but as some are) after years of following Razorback basketball.

The class of Young, Madden, Mickleson, Abron has been mentioned above, But I recall a more recent instance than that, I remember just two years ago, we were robbed of at least Sweet 16 due to a bad call against UNC but Hogs played very well, Macon and Barford were coming back for another year, Anderson had added the top 3 Arkansas recruits in Gafford, Garland and Hall. Similar to current Fantastic Four class, Anderson had commitments from Arkansas Hawks 5 in Perry, Joe, Henderson, Sills and Hill, everyone knew the classes of 2020 and 2021 were top class and it seemed that if Anderson could just sign instate players, glory years were on the way. And it seemed with the classes of 2917 and 2018, Anderson was doing just that and in a way building a wall around Arkansas.

And then Perry got bought out or whatever. And Macon and Barford had their poorest outing against Butler and Anderson once again failed to advance to the second week of NCAAT. Anderson did sign a very good class of 2018 but not as good, and Gafford came back. However, Gafford wasn’t good enough to carry eight newcomers into NCAAT. Rest is history.

In this case, I am not breathing easy until Moody and Willians sign. Those two are the key to this class.