The Last Dance with Mike?

Emotions are high, anger, hurt, pain, disappointment, and such plus more. Who is to blame; hole in the roster after seven years of recruiting, players who did not defend and rebound well, the two scorers who did not shoot and score as well , and the big man who has no game other than dunking, dubbed for NBA based on potential, and the coach who some love and some hate, whom he deserves neither. We are here as we are. We are neither good or bad and the future is not a guarantee that we are either, with or without Anderson. In the final analysis, the monkey is in Mike Anderson’s back to either move this program to the next level or be gone in the next few years. It is quite clear the status quo is not acceptable to the majority of the fans. What’re Administrations’ expectations? We’ll find out in the next few years. “The Last Dance Mike? I think not.

Well said. Today’s HS players weren’t even born for 6 years after our 94 Championship. By the time they were born, the prestige that was developed from the 70’s to the 90’s was clouded at best. Later there were storm clouds and threats of tanks in the streets. This program was mentioned with Duke, UNC and Kansas in the 90’s, but NOW we have become a has been program. We looked good in the SEC during the SEC’s recent down cycle, but this year’s conference improvement shows where we will be for the next 2-3 years. We have to look real hard at the fans that want to say we should be happy with the current state of the program. Those same fans tie the whole story into drama of losing Mike and that we can’t do better. They will bring up the ghosts of Altman, Heath and Pelfrey. They will talk about how great MIKE is but not allow you to acknowledge that Mike has stabilized the program enough that we CAN hire a good coach again. Those fans are either young enough that they don’t remember the 70s, 80s, and 90s OR they like Mike more than the program.