The last BB scholarship going to a big

Since Hall and Jones have transferred and Garland’s status is unclear, am I the only one a little surprised that the staff seems to be focused on a big for the last scholarship, even with Mason Jones on board? I’m taking that as a positive that the staff seems comfortable with what they are expecting to have in the backcourt next season.

I believe Mason shooting replaces Jones and rebounding replaces Day-Day at 7 per game.

I also still believe Jordan Phillips is the wildcard with the ability to play the 1-3.

I interpret all of this as:

  1. They did not see Hall as a pure guard, even though he did
  2. If and when Garland is put on a medical hardship, that scholarship will go to a guard.

I see it as they believe they needed a swingman and a big.

It makes good sense to have another Gafford replacement in the program.

If the Cooper kid can BLK half as many shots at the D-1 level as he did in JUCO then I would persue him whole-heartedly!!

Can he do anything other than block shots?

According to his stats, he can also shoot 3-pointers, rebound, play defense, run the floor, etc.

But then again, I am a glass half full, not a glass half empty guy

Does he have an official offer yet?


May get one from Arkansas when Coach Thurman goes to see him on Friday.

I saw a HS highlight of him. What impressed me, besides shooting from beyond the arc, was it showed him catching the ball at the top of the circle, looked to shoot, didn’t have a clean look, so he took his man off the dribble and went to the rim. Looked very comfortable with the ball in his hands doing that, but again it was a HS highlight tape.

Past actions are a good predictor of future actions… I did not say guarantee, but the probability should be leaning in the right direction. Good assumption is that he can be coached up and improve his skill set where needed.