The last 1:29

Danyelle and Mariah going nuts like the rest of us.


Good stuff. I missed the whole game. Glad to get some highlights. Thanks.

More where that came from.

That game yesterday, especially the last few minutes, brought back memories and emotions of the last minutes of our NC victory over Duke. Not quite the same as winning it all, but sure was just as thrilling!!
Like coach and players have said, we are good enough to beat anybody and bad enough to lose to anybody. Today they were the team good enough to beat anybody! Including the #1 seed and defending National Champions, Kansas!
AND THEY DID!! Great win!!!

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The officials were not going to call an offensive foul the last five minutes… regardless of the circumstances. Both teams should have received at least one O-foul, maybe two.

The hard fouls Kansas got by with were bad before that point. Including hook and hold a few times, High elbows and walking before the foul being called our hogs. If it’s foul the first few minutes if a game then it’s a foul throughout the game.
What your saying is the non call on North Carolina
A few years back with our hogs leading the player with the ball walked, charged and shot no call.
Rebound over the back and put back and nothing is going to be called. That’s a bunch of non sense