The Lady Razorbacks have been hard to watch

The past few games. I have to question Neighbors coaching ability as they have literally turned-over a season

He looked completely disengaged during the Kentucky debacle… just sat in his chair with is chin in his hands… never stood up or seemed to get involved. No adjustments offensively at all. Just kept driving to the middle and getting blocked all game long. No kick out, just the same thing the whole game that never really worked… maybe he’s just looking forward to next year with all the talent coming in. Don’t know…

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They look awful and players like Wolfenburger who’s a 5* looks
nothing like it,Sasha is a good player but all she can do is drive.These 2 need to live up to their billing and yes Neighbors has never struck me as a great coach,never play defense or rebound.He’s got awesome talent coming in but will they play like it??? time will tell


I really like Coach Neighbors, but even with the injuries, he has 3 McDonald’s All Americans starting for him. This season has been disappointing, to say the least. I love to score, but at some point, you have to play defense and rebound…especially in this conference.

I am not wasting my time check post histories, but this reads like folks who were bunched up about Muss a couple of months ago.

Neighbors lost basically the entire roster, and did not have the influx of veteran players that Muss enjoyed. Thank goodness he had Ramirez coming back, too. Those 5-star players have had injuries, IIRC. Dauda is out this year. Eaton was out last year. Jersey was hurt early in the year. Spencer looks legit. Goforth is a strong piece also.

Sometimes, you exhaust your miracles.

I agree with you. I mentioned in an earlier post, when we were playing Tenn. I think, that Neighbors is the calmest coach I have seen. He does appear to me to just sit, although sometimes he walks the sideline. I’m not implying that he’s not a good coach, I still believe he is, but he’s an enigma to me. His lack of enthusiasm, (that may be an arguable description), does come across as disengaged.
For years we as fans, and he as coach, has clamored for more length, players with more height. He recruited and was successful in doing that. We have the added height but not necessarily the size. We are still at a big disadvantage trying to compete with the likes of S. Carolina, Tenn and others, with their size.
We still get pushed around a lot. I don’t know. I do know that injuries has played a part in the lack of expected improvement and playing so many freshmen may have a lot to do with it. Nonetheless, with the talent he brought in, it seems like they have underperformed in my opinion.


Big difference between Muss and Neighbors is a commitment to defense and rebounding.I hope Mike can turn it around and have a great program here. He seems like a nice guy but I just don’t see them working very hard on the floor at all and that will always get you beat. Had great talent last year and it was healthy but the lack of defense and rebounding eventually killed them, those two things will have to improve for the program to ever be elite IMO


Injuries have definitely been a plague this year with the team and he gets a bit of a pass because of that. It’s just frustrating watching them do the same thing over and over and it not working and no adjustment. I have faith in Muss because of past success. Neighbors has had some success but laid a huge egg in the tourney last year. I was at the Kentucky game, and he never so much as even stood up… it’s like he knew we were going to lose and just sat there. That and the lack of adjustments was the subject of many conversations around where I was sitting. I think he’s a good coach but it’s like he’s written off this year and is waiting on all the talent for next year. Time will tell


Youdaman and SDhog are picking up on a hidden meaning of the quote, “sometimes, you exhaust your miracles.”

Neighbors toolkit is shallower than Muss’. Muss has one of the most elite toolkits out there, though. Neighbors seems to be tracking to a “nice top 25 program” career when we see the recruiting and are aching for “Final Four, please” performance.

Neighbors will pick up on some changes, but it will be the off-season. May be courtesy of a mentoring session with another coach, or with some calm time with film. He is not the “instant adjustment” of Muss.

Neighbors is a Mike Anderson who is actually a good recruiter (unlike Mike, who was merely pedestrian in my opinion).

I rest my case

The hogs got beat in a close one. The charge call on Daniels looked like a block to me. There’s plenty of talent on this team they just need to get healthy.

If they can become an elite defensive and rebounding team they have a shot to turn it around. I hope he will make a commitment to that, just haven’t really seen it so far. But I love his style of up and down the floor, just need to see a commitment to hard-nosed defense and tenacity on the backboards to play with the elite teams that I see in women’s basketball. Wish him all the best

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In the past few seasons defense would have won slot of games for them. They lacked size to rebound. Now they have some size. They don’t shoot free throws very well either. The 3 ball didn’t fall for them tonight. The missed layups and free throws in the 4 th quarter cost em tonight.
I enjoy watching them play.


You don’t have to have great size to be a great rebounding team. We only have one guy taller than 6’6 that plays a lot, but they will fight you tooth and nail for every ball that goes up. They will put a body on you and make you have to go around/over them. that’s why we end up out rebounding a lot of teams, it’s desire and a commitment to excellence, knowing that will get you beat if you don’t.

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Did you think Daniels charges late or was it a bad call?

I stopped watching it, I had a call from a friend hadn’t spoken to in a while and turned it off.

The A&M game seems like the turn around point for defense. They have not been the same since that game.

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They erased a 7 point 4 th quarter deficit. Daniels made a drive and was called for the charge and it wasn’t close it was a block.


No they haven’t. At the same time they haven’t had all of the players available to play either.

It was definitely a block.