The ladies are sure fun to watch!

Coach Neighbors is loaded with talent. Really hate that there is no way to watch the UConn game Sunday.


Why? Can it be streamed?

No stream, unfortunately. If someone knows of one please share. I can’t believe no network picked up this game.

We went to Mike Neighbors Chalk Talk prior to the game today. A team spokesman (don’t know who it was) announced that you need to go to and sign-in to your internet provider. Hope that works!

Me too! Thanks for the tip.

if you have Direct TV its on Ch 639SNY(thats the channel that carries the Mets games)but you got to have the sports package to get it

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Found it! Thanks, buddy. Go Hogs!

Just signed into the fox sports site and can’t seem to locate the game. If anyone finds it using this site, please let me know here. Thanks in advance!

We haven’t located the game either. The Razorback Gameday App also has instructions. Maybe it will pop up at game time.

Matt has put up some additional details under the heading “Matt or Paul”.

I just loaded the Fox Now app to my Firestick. I’m watching!

Well I was watching the pregame. Now all I’ve got is a black screen. I’m hoping that they are just blacking out the ads. And now it’s back.

We are watching, too. Got it through

same here… FoxSports app loaded on my tv…

I got it on “Fox Xtra” logged onto, live and was one of about a dozen options.

edit: Turns out I was able to watch this on a “free preview pass”. It did allow me to just sign in with my provider. However, it then said was not available on my provider. so at least, I got to see the 3rd and 4th qtr. on my free pass.

So much for keeping it close. Paige Bueckers goes off for 34 and UConn wins by 15.

actually UCONN built a lead in the 1and 2nd quarters…the ladies pretty well stayed with them evenly in the 2nd half…plus Buekers is their Dungee and we had no answer for her

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That’s what I meant. They built the lead and we couldn’t cut into it.

All about shooting percentage in this one, with Bueckers ripping the nets. We shot 10 more shots; turned them over more than we turned it over; were close in rebounds; made more free throws. It was just poor shooting by a couple of our ladies that did us in. But, it is a team and as a team, they just didn’t get it done. I suspect UConn defense might have had something to do with it.

That is usually the case when team builds a large lead in the first half. The second half tends to be closer or even because the team with the big lead finds it hard to maintain the intensity. That is what probably happened in this case.

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