The KY Road Win. Meaning?

First, for whatever reason, KY is not a great team, but they are very good and talented. They never lose like that at home, until Tue.

What does the win mean for the Hogs. Well, for certain, it goes in the W column and is one of those nice Q wins. Beyond that, we cannot say. I see people predicting all sorts of things and for good reason. How realistic is that? Can that effort be carried forward? The guys were “up” and played well. The question is can they consistently play with that type effort? Probably not, but can they have an effort that is close? We will soon find out if the game just means a road W (no small thing), or is it a signal of great things to come. I am looking forward to tomorrow to see if we get an idea. The next road test will really be a tell.

By the way, I was traveling Tuesday night and did not get to see the game. I was able to listen to Chuck and Zim for the second half. Chuck is just so good at what he does. The listener always knows what is happening in the game. Chuck is far and away better than most of the clowns doing TV and not because he is doing the games from a Hog perspective. He calls the game and does not call attention to himself. We are so blessed to have him doing games for us.


Chuck is a radio guy. We have the radio on during all Razorback games, in a back room. If you need to leave the den for something – like to the bath room – you will hear the radio broadcast. I sometimes get stuck in the back room because they are better than what I’m watching (or hearing while watching). You are right, Jim.

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Nick coming back could be just the medicine we need to make a run. We’ve seen the issues caused by no real 3 point threat. That’s a big piece of the puzzle. But I’m hoping/wondering if his return pumps up his teammates which leads to repeats of the effort/teamwork we saw Tuesday night. It’s gonna be interesting.

I saw yesterday where we are already a 61/2 point fav. on Sat. Interesting.
Would probably be beneficial in more ways than one if we covered that line.

I’ll list 4 thoughts:
1 - UK is beatable in Rupp this season.
2- the Hogs played very, very well for a single SEC road game against a storied opponent.
3- The Hogs did not play at Bama, nor A&M, nor UT.
4- The Hogs have improved a lot since the road loss at LSU.

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