The KK debate may be dead

I love the kid but he can’t get around anyone today off the bounce. If you can’t create at the point guard spot, it makes for a long day.

He would have to become a knockdown shooter and or a lock up defender to get some good minutes. Right now he’s neither.


We are floundering without Notae and Johnson. Missing points, steals and ball handling, toughness and rebounding.

I cannot respond to that…too many deficiencies

I agree.

KK had a great opportunity to carve out some meaningful playing time today. While he was not the only one contributing to our performance, he did not earn additional time for the near future, imo.

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The KK debate was always wishful thinking on the part of some. Without rehashing things, it’s obvious he would have long ago been playing heavy minutes if he was the answer.

Having said that, KK is not the only one whose level of play is below what was hoped it would/could be. This is a versatile, but not extremely talented roster. More than one recruiting miss. That’s the coaching staff’s fault, not the players’. (And I’m sure this coaching staff knows this as well as anyone).
The overall talent on this team reminds me of more than one of Coach Anderson’s teams.

Notae’s presence would not have resulted in a win today. He’s a nice player, sure. But we have played just as poor team defense with him as we played tonight in the 2nd half. Giving up 48 points in the 2nd half!! We are just not a very good defensive team, regardless of which 5 are on the floor.

Almost halfway through the schedule and we have no team identity. No obvious team strength on which to hang our hat. I believe in these coaches, and trust that they will squeeze every ounce of success they can out of this team. Will that be enough to make the NCAAT? I still think so. Maybe more accurate to say I hope so. But, unlike last year, we will likely be battling it out with several other bubble teams in March


Is it baseball season yet?

I couldn’t watch that second half. Flipped over to the Clemson game.

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Let’s keep in mind the young KK is coming off a serious injury that kept him off the court for a year. It takes some players awhile to get their competitive game back. Writing off a kid because he hasn’t played like an All -SEC guard for only half a year? And some of you call Me irrational. As the the rest of the year? This team has bigger issues other than KK. No leadership, point guard , or consistent inside play are just a few.

I can only speak for myself, but I’m not “writing off KK”. I have no idea what his ceiling is, nor do I have an idea how much he is currently affected by his injury recovery. Either way, he looks like a nice player with nice talent.

Desi Sills, Jalen Harris, Anton Beard, Manny Watkins, and Jabril Durham are a handful of guards in our recent past that were mostly good players. None of them were elite, but all were Razorbacks and, therefore, deserved support while they gave what they had to the program.

KK is the same. He deserves our support while he gives what he has to the program. Regardless of high school rankings, right now the small sample size on KK would put him in the above group. Hopefully he elevates above those others, but either way, he deserves our support.

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I kinda feel sorry for him. He was pumped up to be something he was never going to be—and he looks miserable.

I agree. I never saw him play prior to this year, but he looks totally uncomfortable on the court right now.

KK was never pumped up to be something he was never gonna be, and he doesn’t need you to feel sorry for him. He was rated just as high, or higher, than Moses coming out of HS. He was a “must get” for a lot of us. Some unfortunate things have happened to him along the way, but please don’t minimize the importance of his becoming a Razorback. I am still pulling for him. The kid is a player. He just needs something good to happen to build his confidence. I guarantee if he entered the portal, every blue blood in the country would take him. I just hope it doesn’t come to that.

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I’m still pulling for him also. But would like to know if it’s the foot still hindering him. The rust should be wore off by now. But something is causing him to be a step or two slow. Maybe it’s a mental thing right now. Let it play out is all he can do now I guess.


I agree, Jeremy. I want Kk to be successful & achieve his goals as a player at UA. I hope he’s not discouraged.

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