The KJ Jefferson drive (video)


Why did it take until game 9 to see this young man on the field? That amazes me! Especially with the poor play we’ve seen from the QB position.
KJ sure has some speed! The hogs need this type of spark early in games!
Thank you for putting the video on the board.


It hacks me off just watching it…dude has wheels and showed emotion throughout the drive…this staff is completely lost in the wilderness.

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Thank you Dudley for posting this. I was unable to watch much of the game yesterday and missed his debut. That was encouraging to see.

He is the future of this program. What I saw proved what I’ve heard about him for a while now.

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How many times have we heard that KJ just wasn’t ready to play at this point in his development?
He was too inconsistent with his passing and decision making during practice to earn time during a game?
Like we’ve been blessed with consistency and good decision making at the QB position this season.
His athleticism at QB could’ve been the difference in a few games this season that turned out to be close losses and changed the perception of this season, salvaged our current recruiting class and possibly saved some jobs.
That didn’t happen and we are 2-7, current recruiting class is sliding downward, coaching changes surely coming in some form.
KJ may be the future of the program depending upon who is the HC for the Hogs or he may decide depending on who our HC is next year that he may be better off in the transfer portal.

Go Hogs!

Running the RPO is his strength and not surprising he did well in that area. You have to play him and JSJ going forward.

Can KJ pass effectively when teams load up the box to stop the run? That will be the key for him.

Yes, running the RPO is KJ’s strength at this point and if our coaches would’ve used his abilities in certain situations earlier in the season we may have won at least a couple of games that we lost and still protected his redshirt by selectively playing him in four games.
How different would the outlook be now if we were 4-5 instead of 2-7 going into the final 3 games knowing that we may be able to compete and possibly win games with WKU and Missouri?
This failure of not putting the team in the best position to win games is squarely on the HC.

Go Hogs!

KJ has a lot of potential. He obviously can run the football, what will be the determining factor of him progressing to the next level will be can he learn how to put touch on the ball, read defenses, be able to audible at the line of scrimmage to get us in the correct play. This all takes a lot of time, he will not have the best of offensive lines to work behind,it will take a lot of patience but he has potential to be a great one.

I missed this first drive so thanks for posting. As mentioned above it’s unbelievable and inexcusable this coaching staff didn’t start this young man sooner. The fans can see it, the players can see it, but the leadership is blind to it unless they had a different plan for the season which was to use a grad transfer qb or two in this “gap season” in order to allow kJ to mature and continue to build with solid recruiting. Well that plan failed week one and here we are losing recruits, having player/coach disagreements, and not winning a game. Why in the world you would execute a plan like this is beyond me and will likely cost a few coaches their jobs. But, man KJs debut was fun to watch!

That was great… next year he is a redshirt freshman. The future looks good for the offense. Give the lineman on both sides of the line of scrimmage a year or two in the weight room and things should be much improved.

In a way, it looks like CCM may have engineered his own demise by not recognizing KJ’s talent soon enough to pick up a couple more wins. That is probably a good thing for the Hogs and for KJ. With CCM at the helm, the Hogs would always be limited to a couple of SEC wins even with a very good QB in KJ.

Now, we probably should be a little more cautionary about KJ and his future, because we have seen only a few minutes of play. He sure did look good on that one drive though. We may not learn much more against the W KY defense, but we should get a good picture against LSU. I just hope he comes through the LSU game unscathed injury wise.

In time, I think it will be a really good thing that he kept the redshirt this year. I had some people sitting(actually standing in the very roomy upper deck) near me in the fourth quarter that were claiming we would have won six or seven games by now if he’s been starting all year, but I just don’t buy that we’d be any better than 4-5, given the state of the defense and the OL.

The kid has got talent, but he’s still raw. He will be better as a redshirt soph in 2021 than as third year junior, and he will be much, much better as a redshirt junior in 2022 than as a fourth year senior. I hope he starts these last three games and gets some of his initial growing pains behind him. But regardless of who the coach is next year, and how painful this year has been, we are better off keeping the redshirt on Jefferson.

The pass he threw on that drive looked pretty darn good to me. Looked like he has good touch.

The other thing that stuck out to me on this drive was #55. Beaux Limmer. Dude looked like he belongs out there. Between him, Stromberg, Luke Jones, and apparently Latham, we have a good crop of young OL.

Under thrown and a great catch by a receiver with a "playing on Sunday’ future. But it was a nice looking ball.

I just don’t understand why Burks is not thrown to 10-15 times a game. He makes almost uncatchable balls routine plays. Knox and Woods are also quality receivers. KJ has plenty of skills to play quarterback in the SEC and he has a group of very good SEC receivers to catch his passes.

The Wildcat looks it was made for the talents of Jefferson, Boyd, Burks, Knox: and Woods. You would have great size and speed for running it and that could be the package that moves the Hogs up the standings.

The main thing that can’t happen is any more playing of Hicks or Starkel. They have done enough. Time to let the Freshmen play and get them ready for better times next year.

Yep been high on Limmer since we signed him.He and Stromberg come off the ball much better than anyone we have IMO.

The only way either of those two sees the field for the rest of the year is if JSJ and KJ both get hurt. I’ll be very surprised if Starkel comes back next year unless he just tears it up in the spring.

Even if Starkel tears it up in spring ball it don’t mean nothing until the light comes on during a real game!