The King of Punt

Ray Guy passed away. The 1st and maybe the only punter or kicker drafted in the 1st round. Proved to be worth it over many years for the Raiders.
RIP Ray Guy


Steve Little was picked #15 in the 1st round by St. Louis in 1978.

Sebastian Janikowski was picked 17th overall by the Raiders.

Any other punters taken in the 1st round?

Little was a kicker/punter.

Wow, he was quite the punter. Sort of defined what “good” was, for the position.


He’s just about the only “famous” NFL punter I could name. Was reading his obit the other day and surprised to learn he doesn’t rank among the career leaders in any important punting category.

The dolphins had a great punter back in the day, his hang time rivaled ray guy’s , what was his name? Rory? Rigby? Roby? That guy was also awesome. Those are the best 2 I can think of


Reggie Roby? Loved to watch both of those guys.

Yes! Reggie roby! He and ray guy were my favorites. Wish the cowboys coulda traded danny white for one of them lol


I had a Ray Guy poster in my room back in the day.

Just had a weird feeling like I aged a few more years from posting that. :persevere:

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Pressley Harvin is my fav punter now.

Ray Guy was my favorite punter without question. Reggie Roby had amazing hang time, he might have been one of the 1st to actually hit something overhead his punts went so high. And lets not forget Danny White. HE was originally drafted by Dallas to be a punter… wanted to be QB so chose some expansion/off brand league for a bit until it folded then want back to Dallas as a punter and QB backup for Roger Staubach. When he eventually took over for Roger, I think he was one of if not the last QB to ever be a starter at 2 different positions. Did he have great numbers, not so much, but he was certainly unique. and this is coming from a Steeler fan that has a deep dislike of anything Dallas.

Had a friend from Biloxi that played college football with Ray Guy - said he was an incredible athlete

What I remember back then was his accuracy on punts. He could place punts right at the sideline inside the 20-10 yard lines.