The kid from England


The only way to truly answer this question is to wait a few years and see how they do.

Holtz, Hatfield, Ford, Tutt, Petrino and Bielema have all missed on their evaluations.

Guys like Kenneth Dixon come to mind, but there have been far more hits than misses from that group of coaches.

Yes, Florida State and other elite programs can take chances because their 85 in stronger.

Arkansas sure as heck doesn’t need to be doing that with its present situation.

Arkansas doesn’t need another CB or DE/TE.

If Thompson were a DT and Norwood were a LB, then maybe you would offer.

I get you guys love Arkansas kids and I do, too.

But to this point - and I have seen them all - my opinion is that Arkansas has it right.

I wish you guys could see the difference in the measurables/athleticism McClellion, Calloway, Curl and Curtis and opposed to Trey instead of basing it simply on a kid being from Arkansas.

If Arkansas had not done a thorough evaluation on these two in-state guys, they would be open for valid criticism on this.

But they have done their work
[/quote]Well, I know you didn’t mean it as a knock on Tre, but that is exactly what I wanted to hear ---- that there was a substantial talent difference. I mean, most of us have no way of knowing. We have different jobs and rely on you guys.

I am one that always wants the in state kids, but we need elite talent for this coaching staff to survive. If they are going with their beliefs and evals, what else can they do ?
And who can remember how many we have stockpiled at each position. What a numbers game.

Thanks for the honest post.


My worry is with Patton not qualifying wouldn’t BJ slide in that spot? I guess with the porous defense we have had the last 2 years I would think that IF they cannot finish with Calloway, Stewart, Malik Young then why not take BJ? You seem to be suggesting that Thomas Johnston is a longshot and that Stewart is leaning Florida so is Epley the fallback if Young doesn’t pull the trigger?

Why does Thomas Johnston not see playing time here but would at Ole Miss? That is a head scratcher to me. Can you enlighten us?

Part of the issue, it would seem, is that the early success in recruiting really limits the numbers on who can be taken. Had Arkansas offered and received commitments from the in-state guys in the fall, when absolutely none of these blue-blood schools had made these offers, many people–not all–would have been jumping up and down wondering why Arkansas offered kids with no better offer lists. That was true even with some of the ones who committed early, even though they filled position needs. I’m like most Arkansans; I’d rather have in-state kids, but if the coaches evaluated them and felt they were not who they needed in the SEC, then so be it. They will win or lose without them. It’s not a knock on the players; just an evaluation that the coaches have to live with.

He is just not an early enrollee

One is the best JC TE in the country - the other not the best TE or DE in his class in Arkansas

Look I would take TJ right now so no I can’t enlighten you on that other than they feel they need Calloway and a DT

As far as Patton, this is not a surprise to the staff. They knew he had work to do to be a midterm guy.

How stupid is our coaching staff, here is a kid who has great potential and we don’t go after him. Something is missing at the UofA and it better get fixed or we need to clean house. CBB, has failed to do his job and we need someone who can turn this program around. He has had four years and we have not done anything noteworthy. I would like to have a job and make 4.5 million dollars a year and do nothing. I believe it’s time to clean house, starting with Jeff Long and go all the way down. We need changes and we need it soon.

Do nothing, lol, I see your agenda hasn’t changed. I didn’t realize we needed an 11th TE on the roster.

They did their job. They had him in camp and monitored him during the season. They made the decision not to offer.

When you say do nothing, you really lose your argument.

I have only seen BJ play basketball, and that was when he was a sophomore. Good looking athlete. How much does he weigh and what position does he project to in college? FWIW, I heard Trey Biddie say that he did not appear to have a large enough frame to carry much more weight. Could he be a WR/TE hybrid?

Wow haven’t heard that before.
Oh wait just checked messages again, yep been said for the zillionth time.

great first post, maybe u should try NOT to do more of it


I am not trying to be mean, just curious.

What is it about Tre Norwood and B.J. Thompson that you like other than they are from Arkansas?

What are your thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of each?

What about their measurable?

Match up the defensive backs Arkansas has coming and let me know which of those you would drop.

Same thing with TE - would you drop Jeremy Patton to add B.J. Thompson?

Or Kyrie Fisher.

I get the Arkansas love, I really do. I wish all kids that wanted to play at Arkansas could.

I mean I was disappointed in high school when I thought I was going to get an offer to play cornerback at Arkansas. Other smaller offers came, but never Arkansas.

I took the other visits and then ended up joining the Arkansas basketball program as a manager instead of a point guard, where I was also recruited by smaller colleges.

Turned out to be one of the best choices I ever made as the NFL and never would have worked out for me yet the basketball and journalism thing worked out.

As for ushering Bielema out after a 7-6 season, do you have the $15 million it would cost to do so?

Thanks Dudley. That ought to put the issue to rest.

Stupid is oblivious to reality.

As a great philosopher noted,
‘stupid is as stupid does.’