The kid from England


is there any thought in a late offer to the kid from England that is 6’6" and has multiple D1 offers? Sort of reminds me of Jamal Anderson and could grow into a beast of a DE-OLB?

Hate to see him lose out.

Not Dudley, but at this time I would say no.

I’m not expecting another in-state prospect to get an offer.

B.J. just received an offer from Florida State. He’s visiting them Wed. and will go to Baylor next weekend.

I don’t have a lot of inside info on most recruits, but I do on this one. He was indeed offered by FSU. And 10 minutes after the FSU offer, LSU contacted BJ and the England coaching staff to inquire about him I asked the source about the possibility of a late Arkansas offer and can tell you it would be completely unexpected from BJ’s camp if Arkansas offered him. He’s a “tweener” but does have a lot of potential IMHO.

I thought that I had read/heard that he had committed to Washington St.

He did commit to Washington State, and then decommitted a few days ago after getting some big time offers: Baylor, Texas, and now FSU.

I just wish that we would offer here. Florida st. or Texas but not one from us? he is exactly what the 25th scholarship is for.

Arkansas had him at camp and been by his school. They also monitored him during the season.

What an odd couple of weeks. It’s pretty rare for us to pass on in-state kids that we have thoroughly evaluated and then see not one, but two of them end up with offers from blue bloods like OU and FSU.

Is that an indictment of our evaluations or are OU and FSU reaching (with OU doing so after we–in an even more rare event–beat them for an Oklahoma kid)?

Often times Hog fans talk about Arkansas grasping for straws at the end of the recruiting process when they’re in a similar situation as OU and FSU.

Fsu and ou have the #5 and #6 classes according to 24/7. Are we sure they’re “grasping at straws”?

It just means they have different needs than we do.

Fsu and ou have the #5 and #6 classes according to 24/7. Are we sure they’re “grasping at straws”?
[/quote]I do not know if grasping at straws is the way I would define it or not, but rather than pick that apart, I would think that you can easily see that both OSU and FSU because of their highly ranked classes and perceived talent levels from years of highly ranked classes can afford to take some risks on a kid or two who might turn into a real player. I am not sure our program has the luxury of taking too many gambles, even though we know some of the kids we take inevitably won’t be the contributor we hoped for. It also appears we may be in a position that we have some recruits out there that we would love to have, but do not have the slots available, so sometimes it becomes a decision on filling and balancing needs.

One would think that our staff has been aware of this young man, since he has been at camps, etc., and until the last week or so, he was just another recruit with some decent offers. Now that his recruiting is blowing up, and some high profile schools are offering or sniffing around, things are different. He has not played a game or been to a camp in the past six or so weeks, so what changed his appeal to OSU or FSU that generated offers now, but did not merit one in the past?


Great post!

I really like BJ and Arkansas has spent as much time evaluating him as any player in the state during this recruiting cycle.

If Arkansas offered him late without the others coming in, people would say the Razorback staff was reaching.

That is what the other schools are doing now to because some of their guys fell through.

It just doesn’t happen at Arkansas.

Best thing is this is a kid who is going to have opportunities and I’m happy for the young man

I’m talking about a guy that doesn’t have an offer from the big in-state school. You know how fans have rant about Arkansas making a late offer to a kid that doesn’t have an offer from any of the big in-state schools.

I actually believe that this young man has been thoroughly eval’d by the staff. I believe they’ve done their due diligence. But I just wonder if we’re in a position to be passing on in state kids that clearly superior programs feel is worth a scholarship, raw or not. Are we afraid to develop? I know everyone will say “no” but if he has enough potential, even be it long term, then you would have to wonder if we should offer. Same goes for Norwood. I can tell you this, I would dang sure rather take a kid like BJ or Norwood than “save” the scholarship for a transfer or grad guy. Just my opinion though. The coaches are the ones who have to answer for it in the long term.

I get it. I really do.

Staffs have to trust their evaluations and go forward when it’s not popular. I would love for BJ or Tre to get an offer, but obviously not my call.

The only way to truly answer this question is to wait a few years and see how they do.

Holtz, Hatfield, Ford, Tutt, Petrino and Bielema have all missed on their evaluations.

Guys like Kenneth Dixon come to mind, but there have been far more hits than misses from that group of coaches.

Yes, Florida State and other elite programs can take chances because their 85 in stronger.

Arkansas sure as heck doesn’t need to be doing that with its present situation.

Arkansas doesn’t need another CB or DE/TE.

If Thompson were a DT and Norwood were a LB, then maybe you would offer.

I get you guys love Arkansas kids and I do, too.

But to this point - and I have seen them all - my opinion is that Arkansas has it right.

I wish you guys could see the difference in the measurables/athleticism McClellion, Calloway, Curl and Curtis and opposed to Trey instead of basing it simply on a kid being from Arkansas.

If Arkansas had not done a thorough evaluation on these two in-state guys, they would be open for valid criticism on this.

But they have done their work

Well, since you quoted me, I suppose I’ll respond. I opened by saying that I fully believe that the coaches “did their work” on these guys. Secondly, I couldn’t care less if a kid is from Arkansas or not. I suppose it provides a little extra motivation but I’m always in favor of taking the more talented guy regardless of location. However, I don’t know that we’re in any position to be looking the other way on kids in our backyard with offers from clearly superior programs, regardless of position. Especially if we are “saving” (i.e. can’t fill) a spot for a washout (transfer/grad transfer) from another school. Maybe take a shot and develop Thompson, for instance. Btw, IF we were to close on Calloway, Stewart and Young, I would be more than happy to let Thompson and Norwood get on down the road…