The key to this offense is how it provides creases

Yep, I was quoting from Clay…“The key to this offense is how it provides creases and open areas that can be exposed by the run-pass option game that Hicks runs so well. That’s the key to the season”…

Sounded good earlier in the week. But, what if the #1 key and premise is wrong and unrealistic, then what?

It sure looked that way this afternoon as we played Bama, er, I mean that toughie Portland State.

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we may not be better than portland state on a neutral field. Thank Goodness the powerhouse North Texas is not on the schedule.

The key to any offense is to make the defense have to cover the whole field and to be unpredictable so they’re on their heels and cannot attack your offense we hardly ever used play action and threw over the middle yesterday and when we did it was wide open as it almost always will be it is the weakness to every defense yet for some reason craddock or whoever’s calling the plays likes to throw the ball outside the hashes. there has only been one game or we had a good gameplan that was Alabama outside of that we have always looked dysfunctional in our play calling and design