The key to the transfer portal

If I understand the rules correctly, a team should build it’s roster with as many young transfers as possible, since they free transfer pass is only the first time, unless grads or coach firing. For example, the studs we got in the portal last year are stuck with us unless graduated or heading to the NFL (or want to sit out a year and have the redshirt).

It would make more sense to build your roster this way then with H.S. kids that can’t start immediately. (i.e. you can’t keep happy).

Its the risk that Kansas State always endured when they built much of their teams with JUCO players.

You need guys who “love the helmet” and want to be a part of the 4-year university culture for 4-5 years. They are the leaders, the captains, and the guys who host visits. They are still the backbone/core. Portal guys, almost by definition, are “looking out for me” (as all players should, at some point) first and foremost. There is greater a “culture and clubhouse” risk when you are recruiting them for 4-5 days vs 2-3 years.

I think your base of the team should come from HS kids and then fill the holes. Something to be said about the kids the coaches have known 2-3 years during the recruiting process vs portal guys.

Even though coaches have a lot of contacts in the coaching world and can ask insight on transfers, you know more about the makeup of kids you’ve recruited. The kids you recruit buy into the coaching staff and they’re the culture of the team.


I agree with you and the previous posters if those leaders stay. If your connections got your slusher… well…

You sign 20-25. Not gonna be perfect.

kids aren’t patient. i want playing time now. no more stick them in the oven and let them bake. which leaves schools in a constant state of flux. only coach who i know that consistently kicks it in portal is our basketball coach… most work out. gotta go for immediate needs you can fill.

but these days you gotta pay them. auburn has a ten mil portal fund, i wonder what ours is.

AU doesn’t have a coach and all it’s players are leaving so obviously not only about money.

I was told by a pretty good source, that if the coaches really want a player, we won’t be outbid on a NIL deal.

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@bakedhog19741 you have a good record of inside info for sure.

Only issue I have with this, if that is indeed true, why are we not seeing more Drew Sanders coming here from both HS and the Portal?

Agree…and it works the other way too with today’s situation (NIL, portal, etc.)…schools can’t be patient either doesn’t seem…we bring you in and you better produce or we’re gonna cut and move on.

Honestly, not many Drew Sanders in the portal!

I’d say Nudie was just as good. Haselwood’s credentials are pretty solid as well. Brini’s are solid also. I think this year’s portal will be a zoo, and you really will be able to build a starting unit from transfers, unlike in the past.

The portal has changed the discipline that players have to abide by. If they don’t like it hit the portal.

I like kids having to sit out a year. Two reasons, one it would slow down the transfers and the grass is greener thinking but it would also help the borderline HS kids. The portal has killed chances for the midlevel HS prospect. A lot have to play down a level or two or have no opportunities.

I have no problem with kids being abe transfer is there’s a change at head coach.

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BTW, a Bama DB announced for the portal today.


I presume the chatter about the UA program external to the fanbase is a lot more favorable than within the fanbase. We see things myopically, for better or for worse. The LSU and OM games will resonate as will the “four losses, nine points” meme.

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Chances are if you are talented, with some experience in the SEC, you can start for us.


Is this sarcasm? I can’t tell. I know he seems to claim to have a source on just about everything.

Everyone has a source. And what’s great is sometimes sources intentionally leak false information. Kiffin heading to Auburn - Kiffin got a 1.5mm raise. Well played source.

I would hate to be a 18-20 year old with a questionable circle. They’re ripe for making ill informed decisions. Parents are often worse than the kids when it comes dealing with the lack of playing time. Hard to seprate emotions from facts.