The key to the rest of the season is the D-line more than the secondary -----------

------------- and way more than the offense. If we can get a healthy KJ to finish the season and come out of his passing accuracy slump, the offense will be OK. Having opposing teams to score on their first 2 or 3 drives is a huge hole to dig out of and the lack of a pass rush and lack of a strong run stopper on the D-line is killing us. .The fact that we are down to third stringers and former walk-ons all over the secondary hurts but a decent pass rush would allow the zone defense to cover up some of those deficiencies. Maybe our D-line can do better against the rest of the schedule than they have done against the last three opponents. We sure need it!


Hard to have a decent 3 man rush outside of Bama.

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Not sure where things stand after 5/6 games, but CFN college football preseason offensive line unit rankings had BYU number 4 in the country (Georgia was the only SEC unit included in the top 10). So, not sue our D line is going to get any relief on Saturday.

As far as remaining SEC games, CFN’s ranking of conference teams had Ole Piss #6, Auburn #7, LSU #8 and Missouri #13. Hogs and Bama were ranked #2 and 3, respectively. For additional perspective, Miss State was ranked #11.

Tough road ahead. And, yes, our D line is absolutely killing us…

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“sure” vs. “sue”

Boy named sure, er “Sue”.

Don’t fall into the Troy Aikman trap….

DE or whatever you want to call our scheme is find, we gotta find a NT like Ridgeway to make our D work. We just soft up the middle or is it that Isaiah gained the weight asked and he now has a soft middle? not the same explosion as last year.


I think last year’s all Portal D-line is sorely missed. Utley, Williams, and the Vanilla Gorilla in the middle were good enough to allow us to run our zone all year long. This year, so far, we are not as good in the D-line, at least in the last three games. Maybe the opposition will be less formidable, some of this year’s portal recruits will step it up, and Odom will scheme a way to make it work.

We are missing two tremendous 5th year players at LB spots too. We don’t talk enough about what Grant and Hayden meant to the D.

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I suggest the defensive line is the starting point for the LB performance. If the defensive line does not contain the opponent’s line and thereby shield the LBs, you are going to see LBs a step away from runners making tackles reaching around an offensive lineman. You might want to take a closer look at that film comparing the OL, DL, LB, and opposing back positions at 1-2 counts after the ball is snapped. Our LBs this year are invariably forced into a decision going to an open hole only to find themselves isolated from the runner by our DL and their OLs shielding the runner 1 to 2 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. No doubt it would be of great assistance to have Grant and Hayden available.

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That is a very accurate description redpig.

To overcome the lack of D-line dominance, which I don’t believe is going to change, I think they need to get more creative and create more confusion for the offense pre snap.

We almost never change our standard looks presnap and if we do it is into another standard look. We are very predictable on defense.

When you don’t have the horses, and we clearly don’t, you better out scheme and out execute the guys on the other side. Odom has got to prove he can step up to the plate in that regard. Year one at Arkansas I thought I saw the ability to do that. Year three, not so much.

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It’s not one thing. It never is that simple. Look at last year’s tackle chart. After Bumper, everyone else in top half is gone. Taurean Carter’s loss was a major blow.

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No coach can out scheme a good team without talent. People better be careful. We need Barry Odom. We just need better players.

You’re right Clay. Overall defensive talent that can actually get on the field matters most and it’s always a combination. However, in a line of scrimmage league, a subpar line in a 3 man front is the biggest weakness if you ask me.

If they had last year’s defensive line without Montaric, Brooks, Foucha, Catalon, Slusher, Morgan, Henry and Carter, you would still be in a pickle.

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Yeah I hear people getting on Coach Bowman who I think it’s going to be a very good recruiter and coach. People have to realize he basically lost 4 starters. Two going to LSU, Catalon and for all purposes slusher… you bring all those guys back,you got a totally different secondary because I think our D line has more depth than it did last year.

Hate to say it, but some fans are just dingbats when it comes to reasonable expectations for new coaches. The guy has to live with what he inherited. Sure, he got a couple through the portal, but he lost 2 guys (who played a lot of minutes) in the portal as well. And very, very few true freshmen (new recruits from the 2022 class) are going to be significant contributors in an SEC defensive backfield. Go around the League and check. I don’t care if it was Nick Saban (a pretty fair defensive backs coach), you just aren’t going to see much production from the personnel we’ve got back there right now, ESPECAILLY with all the injuries.

So, we won’t truly know what we have in him until 2024. Yes, we will get some read from the type of kids he signs in this and the next class…but we won’t REALLY know until those recruits are on the field for us. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until then.

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