The key to the Georgia victory

I don’t see this in any of our stories and it probably would have been in my game story had I been covering: the foul trouble by Georgia 6-8 forward Toumani Camara. Camara hit two threes in the opening two minutes and scored 8 points as Georgia sprinted to an 8-1 lead, but went to the bench one minute later with two fouls. He came back midway through the first half and quickly picked up his third foul. He scored the opening basket of the second half. He picked up fouls four and five early in the second half and was done. Additionally, his play to start each half took Connor Vanover off the floor. He was just too athletic for Vanover.

Not one story I read mentioned Camara’s foul trouble. The TV announcers – and both Chuck Barrett and Matt Zimmerman – were onto that in the first half. And, Chuck and Matt were onto that in the second half, too.

But SEC network analyst Dane Bradshaw was so busy telling stories that he didn’t even notice that Camara had fouled out and it wasn’t mentioned in the broadcast. Of course, they were not at the game. The camera crew was on it. They followed Camara to the bench as he protested and there was a delay for the substitution, but the TV guys didn’t mention it.

I was surprised no one covering the game for our bunch thought it important.

Camara played 16 minutes and scored 15 points. He made three 3-point baskets (and the rest of the team made two). His team was -12 while he was on the floor. That doesn’t seem too good, but the other four starters were -28, -25, -25 and -20.

Camara could have played 40 minutes and the Hogs would have still won. But it would have been a much different game.


He’s a very nice looking player. Tough to win without your best big.

Agree with you clay. That was a big deal. Personally I didn’t think we played all that great in the first half. Don’t shoot 50% from three and we would’ve been behind. Second half different story.

I said the same thing. The announcers were so busy talking they didn’t even realize one of UGA’s best players fouled out with ~10 minutes left in the game.

I’m fine with Bradshaw. He’s generally decent Nd doesn’t have catch phrases (that I notice) that he says 100xs a game.

But, that was pretty basic and was a big miss.

Good observation. I struggle at times to understand in today’s world is it the virtual aspect of how things have to be due to the C-19 or is it more about the people doing the talking. It seems the game is almost an afterthought some times. Then we have the National championship games tomorrow and it will hype everything but the popcorn sales number by quarter.

I noticed it too. I thought you dumb ------, you just missed a key point in the game talking about who knows what. I get so tired of these guys talking about themselves or whatever instead of what is going on in the game. Heck, they spent 5 min. talking about a football game. The time to do that is tomorrow. Most of the people watching that game were either fans of Arkansas or Georgia. We wanted to watch our teams play basketball, not all that other stuff.
It must very difficult to call a game and not be there, but to so properly requires more attention to the game, not less.

I looked up the play by play. By the time Camara actually fouled out, we were up 76-52 (Jaylin took the fifth foul on a charge). He got fouls 3 and 4 in very short order (17:02 and 16:00) and went out until the 13:00 mark. In those three minutes the margin went from 12 to 18. Once he got back in he had a turnover, made one more trey at 10:52 and then fouled out 50 seconds later.

Players foul out quickly for a few reasons. Sometimes its a few early quick “bad” or touchy fouls. Sometimes it’s because the player makes a few quick bad mistakes. Sometimes it’s because of the matchup. If it’s the matchup, kudo’s to the coach.

What’s impressive to me, is that, at least by the time of the second half of the Georgia game, our Hogs seem to have settled in (and progressed) with a new lineup, sans Smith.

I think this “turnaround” happened pretty quickly. Hopefully, Smith returns soon, but the team seems to be progressing, rather than regressing.

GA fans aren’t saying the refs screwed them yet by taking out their best player?

I agree Clay. Foul trouble on him was key and helped immensely.

Kinda like today’s women’s game. It’s in the 3rd quarter, I missed the first couple of minutes and the announcers haven’t mentioned Amber Ramirez in what I’ve seen. I still don’t know why she isn’t playing.

My point is that the key juncture wasn’t when he fouled out at 10:02, it was when he got 3 and 4 within 62 seconds, and the announcers did mention the fourth foul IIRC. Foul 5, down 24, was no biggie. Jawja was not coming back from 24 down.

Jeff, I think you missed the entire point. He scored 15 points in 16 minutes. He was out for most of the first half. The dude was the match-up that this team fears – a power forward with quickness. That’s Justin Smith’s matchup. Could they have made a comeback with him on the floor? Would they have been ahead at halftime with him on the floor?

Jeff, I like your spunk. If there is a tiny window to try to prove someone wrong, you take it. But sometimes you miss the point.

When he fouled out, it ended the game for all intents and purposes. Without him, Georgia wasn’t coming back. I got up and went to the kitchen, made me a bowl of ice cream with a little chocolate on top and enjoyed the rest of the game in my recliner. Game, set, match.

Clay. Georgia was down 24 when he fouled out. TWENTY FOUR POINTS. They were not coming back from that. I’m not disputing that his foul trouble was very important, but it was important in the first half and in the early stages of the second half. By the time he got #5 the game was over.

I give up with you. Seriously, you don’t get it. How many minutes did he miss in the first half? How many points did he score when he was on the floor? Seriously, was his foul trouble a big part of the game? Just yes or no.

Nothing else. Yes or no?

I do not think you can do it.

Clay are you not reading a word I wrote? I said it was important when he got 1 and 2, and 3 and 4. When he got 5, the game was already over.

You can’t do it. I knew it.

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What of my argument are you missing? I’m trying to figure out how I could make it any more clear. His foul trouble was a big deal. We were up 12 when he went out at 16:00 and quickly pushed it out to 18 while he was on the bench. But the fifth foul itself was irrelevant. They were not coming back from 76-52.

That addresses my key observation. We seemed to be playing wounded the first part of the first half. You noted, he then went out with two fouls. Obviously, he tried to play more under control the second half, but that still played right into Muss’ plan for the second half. And, we blew them out; before he fouled out.

I believe what Clay is trying to say is if Camara hadn’t got into foul trouble period which took him out of the game in each half. Having to play tentatively basically the whole time he was on the court after the 2nd foul. The outcome at the end may have been much different. He was the life support of the GA team.
But yes by the time he got his 5th foul the game was over for all intent and purposes.

My point was about the announcers in general. They did miss those key early or I should say 3rd and 4th fouls. May have mentioned, but those were big deals. When there is a foul, I want to hear right then whose is it on, how many do they have and how many does the team have and is it shooting and if so, who is shooting. I do not want to hear about a football game or what they did when they played or what they think about God (Kentucky - same thing to them). I am interested in the game I am watching.