The key to attacking rush 3 drop 8 is having one O-lineman --------

------------------- who can block one defensive lineman one on one consistently. That allows the other two rushers to be double teamed and gives the QB lots of time to find someone open in the seams of the defense. So, their All American (predicted first round draft choice) handled our best pass rusher, Trey Williams, well all but for 2 or 3 plays. They were even able to put 3 on Ridgeway occasionally so a very good QB had a lot of time to make plays. You could see that several of the plays he made barely made it past our linebackers’ fingertips but he did make play after play.

I really don’t think we need better defensive play callers. We need better players.


Thanks for comments. I was wondering…knowledgeable board

I think Odom is doing wonders with what he has to work with at this point. Anyone that thinks we are as talented on defense as most of the rest of the SEC is drinking Kool-aide.

Our defense is playing with grit, heart, and desire to overcome their need for more talent. So proud of these Hogs… They got fight!!

I also think we miss Cantalon more than people realize.


If you don’t have the players for the defense you are running…you may need to make some adjustments for certain scenarios.

we need better players no doubt but you have to hit the QB and make him uncomfortable so he has to make quicker throws than he wants to,there is where the INTs come from most of the time.I don’t mind the drop 8 as much if we would switch it up some and bring the house to show the QB different looks which may make him misread and throw one to us.


We are very slow.

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Ummm, you have to create pressure. If you can do that in a 3-4 or a 4-3 then fine. But overall we create very little pressure, thus the checkdown to the RB has been open all year. It also gives them plenty of time for the deep, over the top, routes that take time to develop. We’ve been burned on that all year. If CBO can create pressure with one, then good. But until he can get a defense putting pressure on the QB, we’re going to struggle. He gets good pass D out of the drop-8 but our rushing D, to put it nicely, isn’t good at all.

Trust me Odom loves to bring pressure when he has the horses to do it. Go look at his Memphis defenses and those at Missouri under pinkel.

I think a few on here like to complain about the coordinators forgetting that they are still acquiring talent.

Need more Jimmy’s and joe’s and hope at least briles and Odom stay another year.


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