THE Key point in the Game

Go back to 5:55 left in the game on your DVR. We had scored 13 points in > 14 minutes of the 2nd half. Down by 15. Ball up top. Macon is standing beside Toye, #2 for Vandy, near the baseline. Macon is standing there locking arms with Toye, then makes a move down the baseline towards the ref WHILE STILL HOLDING TOYE’S ARM, and gets the foul called on Toye. Macon makes both, we get a steal, Kingsley gets an old-fashioned three, and we are off to the races.

I LOVE Macon; he is such a smart guard. Those are the things that great guards do. These next 2 years will be so much fun watching him.

He also knew that he was just on the wrong end of a very tough call and wasn’t likely to get jammed on both.

You are right about him being very smart. I can’t stand the way the game is officiating these days. Flopping and contorting after any contact while you have the ball in your hand (or while shooting a jumper) is rewarded and he is very good at selling it without making it obvious he’s selling it.

You can bet NBA scouts recognize Macon’s smarts on the court along with his talent and clutch FT shooting and his let me win it for us attitude.