The jump hook for Gafford....

I was watching a player for Loyola in the game against Michigan and he put the ball on the floor about 6-8 feet from the basket, went to the middle of the lane and shot a jump hook for a nice bucket. Why doesn’t someone teach Daniel Gifford that shot? If I were Mike Anderson I would find somebody like Joe Kleine to come work with Gafford to help him develop a couple of shots around the basket. He could be an offensive force with just one go-to shot besides the dunk.

You give Joe a couple of week’s with Gafford and it would be an eye opener for him, I believe. If Joe can’t or won’t do it…find somebody who can. He obviously never has been schooled with that shot because he never used it all year. He is talented and could develop that shot. It’s an easy one to learn and effective against another post player.

Interesting. Did you ever see Joe shoot a hook shot while at Arkansas? Memory is fading, but I remember jump shots and turnaround jump shots by Joe, but not hook shots. I watch UALR games quite a bit. I don’t remember any of the UALR post players while Joe was an assistant there, shoot hook shots. Have you?

Gafford just needs to dunk that ball with his quickness and lift, if he is as close to the basket as that slow footed Loyola post guy was, instead of a hook shot. Now if you can find someone who can teach Gafford hook shots from further out from the basket like Kareem Abdul,Jabber used to do, let’s bring that coach in. I am all for it.

When was the last time we saw a big man get developed at Arkansas? I mean
beyond what you gain from more experience against better competition and a
strength/nutrition program.

Nice. You get to have it both ways. If he doesn’t develop, it’s the coach’s fault, and if he does develop, he did it, not the coaches.

By the way, Moses Kingsley went from a pure project to preseason SEC POY. But of course he did that all on his own.

(redacted series of words, all of which would be a violation of board rules)

On Moses, since you brought him up Swine.

Between his freshman year and his sophmore year, with basically the same amount of playing time, his numbers almost declined across the board. His biggest jump was between sophmore and junior years, which was a vast improvement, but the catch here is that his playing time almost trippled. Now between his junior and senior years with almost identical playing time, again, almost all his numbers decline from the previous year.

Call me crazy, but that does not sound like a lot of development to me.

FWIW, Joe Kleine is a regular on Pat Bradley’s show. Joe did have an opportunity to coach Gafford after his senior year for an all-star game. He is very pleased with Gafford’s development and says Daniel has exceeded his expectations. He has also praised how Portis and Kingsley developed at Arkansas.

You should call in that show (Joe is usually on Monday and Wednesday or Thursday. Schedule may change now since season is over) and ask Joe that question. Don’t take my word.

For the record, Daniel made six hook shots this year.

You just might have forgotten about them because of the 76 dunks.

Bobby Portis, Moses Kingsley, Daniel Gafford - all got better under this staff.

Just silly to say they didn’t.

Joe - one of my best friends and a groomsman in my wedding - loves what this sfaff is doing with Daniel.

He has also got a great relationship with Daniel.

I’t boggles my mind that some of you think Cosch A just rolls out the balls.

It’s pretty amazing isn’t it? I mean if there is something the staff can hang it’s hat upon at Arkansas it has been big man development and production. Portis, Kingsley, Gafford, but that’s all weight room and nutrition as if every other school with lesser big men doesn’t provide those things.

This is just too dumb for words.

Good post Dudley it just seems they would Blame coach A for global warming if they could

Maybe when he’s resting from practicing the jump hook he can work on free throws. This guy has unlimited potential IMHO, started bball late and has a bunch of learning and maturing to do yet. Our youth movement so to speak is reaching fever pitch with coming classes and it seems at this point the sky’s the limit, but we will have growing pains also with them. WPS

And Votan disappears when facts get in the way…Mercy

I think most fans brush with broad brush strokes on critiques. There is NO doubt that Portis and Kingsley developed quite well under this staff. Gafford surprised most fans with his improvement this year. I think some of the fans like me see the offense as the limiting factor and the lack of set play utilization to get Gafford the ball. Some fans see the offense and focus entirely on that as the problem and as blame for the CMA. I think development is broken up into compartments- some CMA does well and some he does not. Fans have to be more fair and recognize the compartments of development. I want to see CMA use more set plays this year for Gafford since we will be so young on the perimeter.

My point is Gafford doesn’t have a go-to shot other than the dunk. That little jump hook is easy to shoot and hard to block.

This wasn’t a knock on Mike Anderson and his coaching ability. It was a suggestion on how to improve Daniel Gafford for next year.

If you get him on the low block and get him the ball, this shot would be a great one to have. It might win us some games. You can’t depend on getting a dunk every time.

He hit a couple of 12-15 jump shots. I would expect him to have a better face up game like Kingsley showed his Jr and Sr year. His shot has good form (which made his FT struggles strange).

Agreed that the jump hook is a great weapon that all bigs should use.

We need Daniel to practice his free throws. As he increases his offensive efforts, he will find himself at the FT line more than anyone on the team. Presently, he’s having little success at what should be the easiest shot he takes.

I think this is a good point. He used a little baby hook a few times but if he consistently used it, he would free up more dunks. Would like to see a little midrange jumper too.

The jump from soph to junior wasn’t just about minutes.

eFG%: 49% -> 55%
FG% at rim: 59% -> 79%
Points per shot: 1.3 -> 1.5
Minutes per point: 3.0 -> 1.9
DRb%: 13% -> 23%
TRb%: 13% -> 17.4%
Ast%: 5% -> 8.3%
TOV%: 15.4 -> 12.7%

He was preseason SEC POY. The defense paid a lot more attention to him as a senior, and we were more talented as a team. His assists went up, as he was double-teamed in the post regularly. He compensated somewhat by improving his FT% from 64% to 76%. We missed those FTs a lot this season. He also expanded his game on the perimeter. He took 16 treys after 0 the season before and made 7. His 2-pt jumper% went from to 28% to 35% as they went from 47% of his shots to 63%. The D was focused on not letting him get shots around the rim, but the attention helped Hannahs, Macon, and Barford be more efficient than they would have otherwise.

I don’t understand this logic. Why not develop a jump hook? As some point he is going to go up against guys his size or bigger, in which case it would come handy. Why place limitations on his game?

He improved quite a bit through the season. He shot them at 65% clip for a while. His free throws fell off when he got tired. Has good mechanics. So, reps and strength will take care of it.

Daniel has made it clear via his own words and actions that he wants to be a better free throw shooter and all-around player.

He is putting in the time on both.