The Judds

Naomi Judd in particular, but I always thought the the Judds’ music was so unique and beautiful. And I’m not a fan of many female country artists.

I was so sad to hear Naomi succumbed to mental illness. There are so many folks that struggle with this. Just a reminder that mental illness is a real thing and is to be taken seriously. Try to get someone you know help if they need it.

And RIP Naomi Judd.


Yes very sad indeed. I’ve always thought she was very classy and obviously a great singer …RIP Naomi


I grew up when The Judds were popular. My dad loved their music.

That’s a very sad situation.

Not the biggest country fan but the first time I heard this it stuck with me. It might just be me, but it seems like respect for the elderly and their wisdom and knowledge is less and less.

Sad to hear of Naomi’s struggles and passing.


she had Alzheimers but Hep B took a big toll on her. Have had personal experience with plenty and Naomi was as nice as they came, cannot say the same for Wynona.

I literally ran into Naomi getting off a plane in Nashville, She was coming out of 1st class with her husband and Wynona I was departing coach and she was looking back and ran right into me. Really nice and beautiful up close. Wynona not so much. My best friend was in country music radio for years and said their fights on the road were legendary.

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[quote=“RichardDavenport, post:4, topic:51783”]
…but it seems like respect for the elderly and their wisdom and knowledge is less and less.
I guess I am in the minority, but for me this includes 20 something sports writers calling our head coaches by their first name. I am 75 and I would address them as Coach ******* out of respect. (And, same goes for the assistants coaches). Furthermore, I think ALL interviewers should address then as “Coach”.

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What if “Coach Pittman” has asked that they call him “Sam?” This seems a bit nit picky, but whatever. Bud Campbell used to call “Coach Broyles” “Frank” during interviews on TV. I really don’t think age and “elder” status should matter that much in a business.setting. It’s sort of self regulating. Some young and older reporters may do it situationally to garner better answers, others don’t. “Coach Prime” when dealing with Deion Sanders comes to mind. He has asked to be called that.

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