The Joys of cutting the cord

After trying out YouTube TV, I switched to Hulu. But not too long afterwards, Hulu ramped up the prices and some of their promotional cost cuts have expired. Then I found out that YouTube TV now offers PBS. So I’m giving up A&E and the extra cost to go back to YouTube. It’s nice to have PBS again.

Have y’all done the same, switched between providers?

I am new to this. Picked YouTube a couple of months ago. Haven’t switched around yet. We added Frndly TV for Halmark and Weather Channel. Happy so far.

My father in law is doing the same this week. We looked at a few other services for him because he wanted History Channel, but the local channels were a problem on some services.

Dang, someone could start a consultant service to help people unplug from AT&T or Dish and still get our favorites. Between the cell phone service for us and our kids, the internet, and the direct tv service, I am paying more than i pay for gas and electricity. It’s right at 500 per month!!! If someone could consult with me and figure out how to un bundle, I would pay a fair price for their expertise, just to make sure I can get all my sec sports other streamed entertainment.

We added Philo to YouTubeTV to get History and A&E. I am addicted to Forged in Fire and Vikings so I have to have History. Still much cheaper than my old DirectTV. Since I got it over a year ago, YouTubeTV has added PBS, HGTV, and Food Network so it is steadily improving.

I was going to ask - in NWA can someone watch the FS Midwest Cardinals/Royals game feeds on YouTube TV?

Wanting to either cut the Cox cord, but I sure want to make sure I can watch my Redbirds. Cant watch those here locally thru MLB.TV. We are considered “In-Market”.

This tool from will show you which streaming service you should get based on the channels you want.

Can’t help on cell phones, but we use:

  1. Att wireless high speed internet~ 40/mo
    [This is for using laptop at home, download speeds for iPad and phones, and now for YouTube signal]

  2. You tube tv ~45/mo? (Can have 4 or 5 Fam accounts/TVs on this one account- located anywhere). Get all sports channels and local channels including SEC. Very user friendly. Had directv previously and haven’t missed it. Very easy to schedule shows to record from tv or phone app.

  3. Netflix ~12/mo

Note- we still have att home phone line (35/mo) that we use for home security service- but don’t really need it.

We also have access to prime tv through amazon prime account.

Don’t laugh at me,but are y’all watching this on your TV?? I have heard there’s ways you can stream stuff off your phone and computer onto your TV just never have connected the dots to actually doing it.

I’m a little confused with all the talk about cord cutting. I’m not a Cox advocate and have threatened to leave them several times so I don’t have any allegiance to them. But I have been with them for many years and get several hundred channels (all except the premiums like HBO, SHOWTIME, etc.) we have a land line phone and I have internet with 100 Mbps speed. My monthly bill is $220. Several of my neighbors left Cox a few years ago and have been jumping around between Dish, Hulu, You Tube and various combinations of services and they gripe all the time. Service disrupted, couldn’t get the Razorback game, bill went up after 6 months, WIFI not what they were told it would be. What is the big deal about leaving cable? It’s reliable, we never miss a Hog game or anything else we want to see and ours never goes out. I don’t understand going through the headache of switching around to services that give you a headache just to save a few bucks. Feedback would be appreciated.

Yes, you get the Cards (spit) with FSMW and also get FSSW on YTTV. You get less Royals games because most of theirs are on FSKC.

I do it all the time. YouTube TV is actually coming through my phone and I put it on my TV using Chromecast.

I’ll take a shot at this, Snout.

I was a DTV customer and had just about everything, including the NFL Sunday Ticket. I didn’t use or watch 70% of what I was getting and every time I went to make a change I was given a price break that eventually went back up and then I would have to repeat the process. I also had AT&T DSL at another $50 a/mo.

I switched to YTTV at $50 and the channels I don’t get that I miss are History, Hallmark (wife!), NFL Network…that’s it. For sports, you get just about everything, I’ve never missed a Hog game that I couldn’t get that people with Cox or DTV could get. Quite the contrary, YTTV has both the ACC Network and the BigTen Network so I had no problem watching the GT and IU games. You get all the ESPN channels, FS1, FS2, Fox Sports MW and SW, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA, SEC Network and the alternate, NBCSN, CBSSN…literally everything. Get all locals with YTTV, which you don’t with Sling. You have unlimited DVR and can stream on any device, I prefer ROKUs, but you can use Apple TVs, or Fire TV devices. I replaced my TVs with TCL ROKU TV’s when we moved so the ROKU software is built in to the TV.

I switched my internet to OzarksGo for the same price I was paying for ATT, but about 10x faster. I still want my HBO so I pay an extra $15 a month for it. I like not having to haggle all the time and not having a contract, love not having a physical dish where weather affects my reception, I pay a third of what I was paying before. Also, to pick up a few channels we don’t have we do Philo at $20 a/mo. So, YTTV+HBO NOW+Philo is $85 a/mo.

The absolute biggest thing with streaming is the speed of your internet. If you are in a place where you don’t have access to fast internet, it will significantly affect your experience.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the answer! Greatly appreciated.

Yeah I have a good friend who pays little to nothing to watch everything .he Chromecast stuff I don’t quite understand quite how to do it yet.

I had to switch to Cox internet to get enough band width for streaming. I did not need the Gigablast version since it is just me watching. I did have to pay $10 extra for December because of all the games that I watched (2 TVs going at once when there are multiple games on.)

I have 1 Roku device (I’m not using it right now) and 2 Amazon Fire Sticks. You just plug them into your TV and stream away. There is no need to mirror.

When we moved to Norfork two years ago, we decided to cut the cord. Well there was no cord, other than a DSL line. That’s how we got internet, through an old DSL line with Century Link. It’s internet, but slow.

It was a real complex deal. The old owners had it set up and said keep the router/modem. We even kept their password for the WiFi.

So we set up Roku, Netflix and PlayStation Vue. Not ideal because our WiFi is slow. And it goes out a bunch. No fun with live Tv. Lots of buffering.

PSV has since gone out of streaming business, but we gave up after 18 months and made a move last summer. We went with Direct TV and love it. Have it in 3 rooms and we had an issue with a thunderstorm one night.

Back to Century Link, we still have it. We have a bundled land line because we want 911 service in the woods. And cell phone service is iffy. Need that backup land line.

How we kept Century Link WiFi was crazy. I called to get service in our name 30 days before closing. Customer Service somewhere in Louisiana told me DSL not available. I correctly stated it was in house already.

After getting bumped up twice to a person with knowledge I was told band width for our neighborhood (7 houses in 150 acres, ours is the newest at 14 years old) there is not enough band width. And there is a waiting list.

I was advised that the only way to keep DSL is to do a certificate of transfer from old owner. We did that. But they had a bundled account at their main home in Missouri and century link decided to double their rates since it showed them canceling part of bundle.

Somehow I got through to a regional manager to explain this complex mess and she fixed it all and for my trouble lowered my rate a little.

Northark coop is laying fiber optic cable in Baxter County to fix all of this. The trunk line is installed on Highway 5 about 1.2 miles from our house (by the crow flies) but it’s 3 miles of road and that will get em just the 7 houses. We are not yet scheduled for 2020. That will be fast enough speeds to go back to streaming live TV. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

Perfect example of streaming only being as good as your internet speed.

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Thanks Biff. Good information. Couple of things…How much is your Ozark GO? And it looks like you don’t have a phone so if I back my phone and internet costs off my Cox bill, I would be right at $100 per month. Just trying to compare apples to apples.

My thanks, too, Biff. Been trying to figure this all out, too.

I cut the cord in 2015, almost 5 years ago, after 15 years of DirecTV (before it was acquired by ATT). Since then I have used Sling TV, Hulu, Vue, DirecTV Now, and presently for the last year, YouTube TV for TV reception at $50 per mo. My only internet option is Comcast which is plenty fast enough for multiple streams for $50 per mo. I switched wireless service from ATT to T-Mobile where my monthly bill is $100 (tax included) for 4 lines, unlimited everything. Included from T-Mobile is Netflix, MLB TV package, and various weekly freebies or discounts. That rate is a discounted rate for Veterans.

YouTube TV, imo, is by far the superior streaming service, especially for sports. It also includes locals for NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and recently added PBS. It has unlimited DVR and all the alternate channels for SEC Network, etc. It also carries FOX sports channels, Tennis, Golf, Big 10 Network, ACC, and all the ESPN channels. As has been noted, missing from YouTube TV are History and A&E channels.

I stream using Apple TV 4K streaming device or a newer smart TV, My Samsung 4K smart TV is a couple of years old and it has many apps that I use rather than the Apple TV. Using the TV directly is the most direct and simple method.

I’ve grown completely accustomed to watching tv in this manner and it is routine now. Although it’s very easy to stream to a phone, laptop, ipad, or desktop PC, I much prefer watching on a large TV screen.

The most important thing to consider it the speed of you internet connection. With multiple HD streams, multiple devices, security cameras, etc, it does use considerable bandwidth. In the beginning after cutting the cord, I had only DSL internet and it was totally unacceptable because of slow connection speed.