The journey back

I do not know what has happened to the physicality and fight of our Hogs, but we have shown to be way behind in both. I expected the top tier team would shine in comparison to our team, because their more talented teams should be a notch above. However,in watching two mediocre teams (Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State) I saw hard hitting and physical play that looked far different from what we demonstrate. I know their game was a heated rivalry, but not sure our Hogs had much heat.
We are fixated on recruiting rankings and little doubt talent makes a difference, but we have seen that top level recruits can miss or perform at levels below their grand expectations, so the question is what is required to get the best the player has to give, both physically and mentally?

It is a tough thing. You gotta have jimmy and joe’s to win but if the players you get that are 4 or 5 star and they don’t pan out that kills us.

Our Ol this year were primarily walk ins or 1st year players this year. Hard to compete against any team without a OL. Combine that with other positions with little depth it is just gonna get worse before it gets better

If you think back to all the good hog teams we’ve had no name players that just played the game and gave it their all. Today I watched players wait on the offensive player past the line to gain and fail to try to stop them short. That’s not winning football. We all watched 2 offsides penalties on 3rd and 11! We watched a unsportsmanlike penalty after a play on a 3rd down stop! That again isn’t winning football! We watched the 5th starring QB of the season take the first snap. That’s not winning football. We watched the same corner get picked on again and never look back for the ball. He allowed a receiver to in the ball off his head and come down with it, he also got flagged for PI by face guarding and never looked back he allowed catches today he could have intercepted if he looked back. That again isn’t winning football.
We have a few ball sharks on defense but not enough. On display we watched some players run to stop the offense and other wait on others to make plays. That’s also not winning football.
The bottom line we had a QB that couldn’t stretch the field and the defense loaded the box and it was like watching Hicks early in the year!
We just can’t score enough and sure don’t have the heart on defense to stop anyone.

So you’re blaming this all on the players. Their coaches, outside of lunney, didn’t give a crap if we won or not. They are lame ducks whose only concerns are their next jobs. There are only only 2 people to blame for this current mess of a football program the Razorbacks have become. CCM and the person that hired him.

Sit back and see how much better these players look next year when they have a real head coach leading the football program.

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Harley same thing was said after brett’s dismissal. If anything I think we all missed how loyal to him his players were. Scoota himself said as much tonight postgame.

Regardless of the coach players have to buy in.

How can we expect that to happen when the coach has nothing to sell but losing football. That was his entire head coach resume. That was all he had to sell here for 2 years. He was no leader of men (student athletes). He couldn’t show them a single “fruit of their labor”

Harley, you seen next year’s schedule? I see another 2-10 year a coming

If we get a solid head coach with a winning record. We will not have another 2-10 record next season. We will also see improvement as the season progresses.

We are not void of talented players. We’ve just spent 2 years with a head coach without leadership skills.

You think we beat Nevada first game? Nope

Norte dame there? Nope

Miss st at home? Maybe

Tex am? Doubtful

Charleston southern is a yes

Monroe a probable

Tennessee, LSU alabama auburn all a no

Ole miss and Missouri toss ups but latter game at arrowhead vs como so advantage tigers

I hope I am wrong

Only 2 years of a coach without leadership skills? Leadership skills goes far beyond just the players. Good leaders keep a good following of trust and support across the board.
We have seen the last 4 coaches here that had leadership issues.

CBP-great offensive mind-coach, but to arrogant to recruit, immoral personal life just as important as the job, butts heads with everybody, great assistants won’t work for him.

JLS-just a joker & a joke. Took over a talented team that laid down on him. Nuff said.

CBB-started our ok, but slowly lost the good assistants 1 by 1 & couldn’t replace same caliber, there are reasons for that. Missed big on some recruits & evaluations. Personal life issues again?

CCM-thrown in over his head to quick. Weak staff, couldn’t get players on board. Probably some underlying issues we will find out later, same as with previous 3 coaches.

Nutt-wasn’t a top coach but players played hard for him. Got more out of less. Brought racial unity to the team, Enthusiasm, good motivator, lacked good recruiting when needed as other programs got better.

The journey back to a JFB leadership type we may never see again. We missed on some of those we passed up. But hopefully we get someone that’s 75% of that.