The "It's been 8 Years" Debate:

Great points by all. Unfortunately, we all want to win now, and we have thirsted for the days of old for nearly two decades. Those days are gone, and the basketball environment is much different. This style of basketball can work, but only with certain players…to which, we don’t have. To say that we are young and should be excused from reaching certain pinnacles is short sighted. The Fab 5 reached the final game two years in a row, and though we don’t have those players or similar ones, the point is if we can’t recruit that player then we have to change our style.

If we need to use speed to garner a turnover and achieve 15 extra points per game; when the opposing team can avoid turning the ball over then we fail to reach that point total needed. So where can we make it up? Free throws? We’ve been atrocious at that for years. Three pointers? We have one person who hits those consistently, but when they are cold we have no other way to gather points.

We have to change the offense and if the coaching staff doesn’t want to, then maybe they have to be forced out. I don’t have an answer for the next coach, and I doubt we could pull a big name off; but as our attendance shrinks, then so will Coach Anderson’s lifeline. Butts in the seats pay the bills and that numeric is slowly dwindling down.


I disagree with that. If you sale 13,000-14,000 tickets every game, and only have 1,000 people show up, yes it looks bad, but those making the decisions are still seeing 13-14,000 sold. If you really want to make a change, don’t buy tickets, if ticket sales go down to 1,000 per game, Mike wouldn’t last the night.

Seats sold won’t be determined until next year. Season ticket holders have purchased tickets long ago. Not sure how many tickets are walk up sales vs season ticket holders. But if Anderson stays on ticket sales information won’t be known until responses are needed from potential season ticket holders. If they are substantially lower he better win BIG next year.

Regardless of ticket sales, he has to win big next year. That much is given.

I don’t understand why people continue to take a stat for this year and apply it to the entire Anderson era.

Have you looked at our FT% for prior years? It has been right around a respectable 70% with us even leading the league at 76% for the 2016-17 season. We have won games in the final minutes of the game just last year. And the FT% was right around 70% in the Sutton era.

Just one three point shooter all these years? Do you not remember Macon and Barford and CJ last year? Do you notvremember Dusty, Macon and Barford the year before that? And then Dusty and Bell the year before that and on and on?

This is frustrating.

Problem is it won’t stop. Even if they get their wish and HY “Fire’s Mike.” As soon as the next guy loses, they’ll be on him too. Saw it during FB season and even saw it after the dropped foul ball during last year’s CWS. That’s why I get irritated at this site, it’s supposed to be a Hog Fan message board, but when guys have 20 posts and they’re all about firing Mike, I am not so sure that they are Hog Fans.

Virginia won 31 games last year by massaging the hell out of the ball. Then got blown out in the NCAAT by a 16 seed. There are infinite ways to skin the cat, but you have to have the players for whatever way you choose. Mike’s way has worked and can work again. With 9 new players, this year is an aberration. Tennessee went through those growing pains in 2016 and 2017, tied for the SEC title last year and were ranked #1 this year for a month once those 2016-2017 kids grew up and jelled.

Your post proved my point. Everything I said is correct, the FACT you felt the need to defend yourself let’s everyone know how much of a “FAN” you really are. Appreciate that

I brought that up during the Jan slide. Can you imagine if Mike was the #1 Overall seed in the tournament and lost the 1st game to the lowest ranked 16th seed? This place would implode. Then think about Hogville

Did you read my entire post. I said I was comparing what has happened at Arkansas. I don’t know what/who/how much money has gone through those other programs illegally since 2013, but I’m pretty sure none has gone through ours. Maybe one day there will be a statistic that says 1/14 teams in the SEC hasn’t been put on probation since 2013. And you can guess who that will be.

I would think so, but since Nolan, MA has been the only bright spot, even though some don’t see it very bright. I have seen worse than MA, not any better. So you are wishing and hoping, which is fine, but you have direct evidence to the contrary.

Your post proved my point. Everything I said is correct, the FACT you felt the need to attack the FANDOM of another let’s everyone know how much of a “FAN” of Mike you really are. Wish you were more a fan of the Razorbacks. Appreciate that

“Fan of Mike” :lol: You may actually want to read the board. Dudley will tell you, I’m the only one on here that has actually said I don’t like him.

As for your “fandom” which team? Because you’ve already proved me right. I called out trolls, and there are several on here, one admitted to it, you however felt offended enough to question my statement, it’s not hard to see why, especially when you claim you read the board, if you actually did, you wouldn’t have responded at all. Especially with the “Fan of Mike” argument.

So, now take your six posts and return to trollville, all the real fans on here, now know to ignore you. Bye, bye