The "It's been 8 Years" Debate:

I just want to put something in to perspective between Mike and Nolan:

In the previous decade before Nolan

Total Wins/Losses: 243-66 (78%)
Conf. Wins/Losses: 128-25 (83%)
Tourney Appearances: 9/10 years, 1 FF, 2xSweet 16

In the previous decade before Mike
Total Wins/Losses: 143-145 (49%)
Conf. Wins/Losses: 62-98 (38%)
Tourney Appearances: 3/10 years

These are the numbers. You can give me whatever you want to give me about how other schools do it faster and that’s fine, but perspective for this program is best determined by what has happened at this program.

I want to be a lot further along in the growth of this program than we are, but many of us have supported this program in a time that currently no longer exists for the razorbacks. In a DECADE prior to mike, we didn’t even win half of our games. We have been irrelevant for a long time. It will take time to accomplish what we want. How long? Well that’s the debate. This post is merely to bring perspective to the more seasoned hog fan base that remembers “the good ole days”.

That year 8 argument people come up with is so lame. They act like coaches don’t have down years when they lose a lot. We lost 90% of our scoring and lost our prized recruit to cheating. Bob Huggins at West Virigina is a legend, and he’s 10-17 right now after losing some of his key players later year.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with CMA, but if he’s let go, I’m going to be disappointed, it’s not often a school like Arkansas fires a coach on one bad season especially if the prior 2 seasons he won 23 and 26 games. He’s a good coach he’s proven that, but trying to win with the 2nd youngest team in the nation and that team has had injury issues, it’s almost an impossible task.

I know everyone has an opinion and I respect yours. But to me, if he had had more success (primarily in the tournament) over the prior 7, most would be willing to give him a pass this year.

Many will disagree but last year was a disappointment to me even though we won a lot of games. You don’t have 6 seniors as we did much if ever in college basketball these days, including two very good guards. With a very veteran team, we made it in as a #7 seed and got down 21 - 2 to a #10 seed before losing by 17.

Yes we won over 20 games but that wasn’t the type of year I expected.

Some basic questions for thought.

  1. Should we expect to achieve a Sweet 16 level of achievement with our basketball program?
  2. If so, what is a reasonable amount of time that should be allowed a staff to achieve it?
  3. If that isn’t achieved, do we accept it, or do we agree that we need new direction?

NEW direction.

Good analysis but most of these fans are more than willing to chance another 10-12 years of pre Mike era.


  1. Yes
  2. It varies based upon what state the program is in, see my OP.
  3. I don’t know. We didn’t accept with Stan and fired him, to hire Pel, and then fired him. Now here we are. Who do we get? Is change enough, even if it means fire that guy in 4-5 years? If we fire MA at the end of this year, that will be 3 coaches in 18 years that were all strike outs. You think the next will be better? I assure you it can be worse. see SH and JP.

I remember the winning days when Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson coached our hogs. I can remember when Nolan left and Mike was sent down the road. That was a sad day. CMA could have keep the recruiting class together that had a few future NBA players sprinkled in it. Instead those in charge took their own path and here we are! CMA didn’t need to come back here. He wanted to come home!
It’s a different era and recruiting isn’t about a coach or a program it’s about who pays the most cash! Until the FBI scandal is over nothing will change. Maybe change is the result once the scandal is over!
We won’t be any better off by firing CMA.

This. If you want to have a bad/down year in year 8, almost everyone is fine with that if you have built up goodwill in the previous 7 seasons. He just hasn’t done enough to get that leeway. Doesn’t help when we were pretty much in the same spot a few years ago for the same reasons (poor recruiting and roster management).

Huggy has Final fours, Elite Eights, Sweet 16s, ranked teams consistently. He has earned a down year.

Nice grouping of statistics. I had statistics back at college. The major thing I learned was that you can support any argument at any time by just choosing the right batch and sample. Funny how that worked.

Here is a statistic for ya. Since 2010, 13 of 14 SEC programs have advance to a Sweet Sixteen game. Care to guess who that one program is that can’t seem to manage what every other program in the SEC has accomplished? I’m sure not every one of them had sterling decades before they got there, but somehow they managed.

That’s already been discussed to not be true. Only 5 SEC teams have done that, not 13.

I think my biggest concerns about Coach Anderson, a person I respect very much as a person and leader of young men, are not solely about wins and losses. My concerns are about trajectory of the program. Are we more comfortable than uncomfortable that the program is moving forward, not backward or standing still. Trajectory, in my opinion, should never be judged on one season, either one good season or one bad season, because there are too many random factors that could influence one season’s results ie. injuries, turnover, etc. But if any of those factors happen more than once or twice then they are not random. I don’t think it is random that we miss more than a few top talent in-state recruits, I know there are good explanations to many if not all of these instances, but if we become more comfortable with the excuses than reasonable attempts to remedy this, what will change? I cannot say what has been or not been done to improve this process, so the intent is not to slam anyone, but ultimately without improvement here the program will have a more difficult time.

It also seems we have seldom fielded a team with enough size and balance to offset rebounding deficits or adapt to slower paced games. I know much of this is by design and when it is working it seems a thing of beauty, but it seems to be working less and less. We have to be shooting threes at a very decent percentage and getting a lot of run-outs after turnovers to really exploit our game plan. The A&M game was an example of what happens when we did not create significant points off turnovers and we did not excel behind the arc, not to mention how our rebounding gave up a good number of second chance baskets. Unfortunately one could cite this example numerous times this season and many other seasons.

One would think the decision would be driven by the consideration of what legitimate concerns there are about the program (I gave some of my opinions, which may or may not be valid) and if going forward with the same leadership that the concerns will be reduced or is there a greater chance they continue. So to me the validity of the 8 years debate is to use as evidence for predicting future performance.

Yeah and one of those five - USCe has been to 2 NCAAT since 2000. They just caught fire at the right time in 2017. I wonder if people would rather have 2 NCAAT total and a FF in 19 years or 8 NCAAT appearances. Nevermind, I know which one they seem to be against.

Quite honestly it’s been 8 years of living in the past. Nolan gets fired, and ever since then, trying to find another Nolan. But guess what? There was only one! All of NR"s former players on the bench is nice, and romantic to remind us. But nobody under 35 really remembers that team!!!

I was all for MA getting hired. But the game of basketball is different, even over the last 10 years. That style of basketball is a thing of the past. And, it’s about talent, and not letting recruits get away. We need a new person in the chair and we need to stop thinking it’s 1994-95, or that era is coming back.

The bottom line is this athletic department has to show it’s committed to winning championships. We need a fresh start. If that takes getting a proven winner and paying him accordingly, then do it. They sure didn’t do it when they hired the football coach.

I’ve seen this argument too and think that’s a pretty weak argument too. “Do what I think you should do, or you really don’t care.”

Conversely, it could be a lot better than MA

Dunno what’s going to happen to MA. I expect that we’ll see MA next year. However, if the team has a total collapse and loses the remaining games you have to look at MA and his staff. In addition, the future looks bleak. Next year with Gafford gone, we could be facing an even dire year. MA faces an uphill battle and probably will be coaching for his job next year.

I agree with you. But some of these have been pushing for it for 5 years now. For them it is anyone but Mike. They didn’t get their wish thevyear after Portis left. They think they have him now.

PJ a lot of those folks don’t post until their is a loss or 2 in a row when the losses add up out they come in full force.
I do post what I think that happens on the floor and also don’t like the result of this season. But all of this isn’t CMA’s fault.
He will be back but he need the hogs to make some noise next season.
No matter what I’m proud he came back to Arkansas and I know he will keep his integrity in the way he conducts his business in doing his job!

I don’t think the 8 year argument is lame at all. The excuse is we are young. Without a big diatribe just who is responsible for the roster each year, Is it you? Is it me? Is it the athletic director. It’s one mans responsibility. The head coach. For debate sake, suppose each year for the next three, we have multiple transfers, defections, suspensions etc. and each year we could use the term inexperienced when describing our team. And suppose our record was near .500 each year, is that excuse perpetual? As another poster stated , not much goodwill has been built up. Last year was good, not great, but to top it off we get smoked to a lower seed. With 6 seniors we should have been much higher than a 7 seed to begin with.

I’m at the point I don’t care if Anderson comes back or not. This year is shot. I for one am not overly pleased at all with our performances. Some seem to actually be e
Enjoying languishing near last place. For those stat keepers, first year Anderson has had a 5 game losing streak, likely to be 6 after Kentucky. Add to that the home losses, another conference 4 game losing streak. Only question remains if we can have a .500 or above record

And then we have those the “I’ve had enough of it “ one week and then slam those who feel the same 3 days later. . Last coach that divided the fan base ended up at ole miss. And this fan base is divided. Even the so called “lame” ones can see that.