The irony of it all

So many points of irony come to mind after yesterday’s game…

  • I thought that Vegas’ 10-point line favoring Auburn was ludicrous and would be proven dramatically wrong… ironically, turns out that it was ludicrous – the line missed by 43 points – it should have been much, much higher

  • I truly expected our defense to be a bright spot this year with 9 returning starters and a reasonably sound effort last year… ironically, turns out that we are the very worst rushing defense in all of CFB and one of the worst overall defenses

  • One of the main arguments in support of the hiring of Coach Bielema over other candidates was his commitment to sound football, including executing and defending the run, while one of the other candidates, Malzahn, was viewed as having a gimmick offense that would never last in the SEC… ironically, Malzahn’s team just set the record for most rushing yards ever gained against the Hogs last night

  • Malzahn was on the hottest of hot seats one month ago ( … h-hot-seat)… ironically, he’s now being viewed by folks on the Plains as having the program on track for CFB championship contention in the future ( … as-arrived)

True, but much of your post describes two important things (1)how fast things change in college football–things that look terrible at one moment look great in no time & vice versa. (2) Fans are fickle everywhere.

Since your post is re: “ironies”, are you implying CBB s/b on the “hot seat”? …just askin’… I think he is a great x & o’s coach, but a lazy recruiter…

No, I don’t think CBB is on the hot seat, at least I hope he’s not.

I guess you’re calling Dudley a liar, since he has described this entire staff, including BB, as the hardest working recruiters he has seen.
You want a lazy recruiter, the one who put the motorcycle in the ditch qualifies. And, if he’d stayed out of the ditch, the results of that laziness were going to show up on the field. With his offense, we had next to nothing at WR when BB got here, not to mention defense.
What I saw last night was talent deficiencies exacerbated by scheme deficiencies. I’m not smart enough to know exactly how to fix those but I suspect there will be major coaching shakeups in the offseason. Week 9 is too late for midseason moves; we gotta sink or swim with what we have. I do think last night was a perfect storm, kinda like when that 10 win team in '06 got steamrolled by USC. We aren’t that bad.

Dudley gets paid to drink Kool Aide… Show me a post where he has reflected ANYTHING derogatory about the team, staff, facilities, etc… You drink the Kool Aide & it sells papers, so to speak!!! For that matter, when, at anytime during the CBP era did DD say CBP was not a hard worker on recruiting??? IT NEVER HAPPENED because his job is to paint a rosy picture, get it!!!
Of course, NOW he says it to defend CBB… All you have to do is look at our “offer list” to see where we rate in the SEC on offers… If you ain’t offering, you have NO CHANCE to get the best players… “UNCOMMON” is the excuse!

I don’t think there is any doubt that this is the case. “Uncommon” is merely a marketing idea used to sell Hog fans on guys we’ve beaten out La Tech, Rice and Kansas for.

Okay Hog-N-Das I will take the bait. Arkansas goes out and offers everyone one of the kids that Alabama has offered. Of the Alabama commits how many are you going to change the mind of? seriously? You don’t think Bielema and his staff don’t try? Recruiting is a 24/7/365 day a year job and these guys are pretty damn good at it.

When the kid from Birmingham Alabama, Atlanta Georgia, Louisiana and wants to go to Alabama you are not changing their minds. Why waste the recruiting money on that kid? It ain’t cheap to send a coach down to watch and visit.

I would like to know how many you think Bielema should be able to flip to Arkansas? Do the same thing for Texas A&M? LSU?

i PROMISE you won’t get a SINGLE one of them if you don’t offer!.. Why is this hard to understand? We drag at the tail end of the SEC in offers… we’re late on many… Maybe this is a situation where our fans “can’t handle the truth!”.

for that matter, I said “offer the Bama COMMITS” and that sure doesn’t take that much time or effort. There ain’t but 25 of those!!!

Says who?

The cost is negligible!.. Trust me, every team in the SEC has a budget that will allow them to travel to B’ham… or call them… or tweet them… or email them… or snail mail them… EFFORT is what is lacking on the recruiting front!

I don’t think anybody is doubting what DD has seen and written about. I believe that CBB is a relentless recruiter, however he may not be a very good one, either that or he has refused to hire other coaches that are proven great recruiters, The staff is not getting it done on signing day and for whatever many of reason the highly ranked recruits they do get are not playing to their “star potential” especially on the OL. Many on here complained that CSP did not recruit well on the OL and were roundly ridiculed due to his and CBB’s reputation for OL. Look at the mess we are in now. Saying DD was wrong is not calling him a liar. We just disagree on some things like aTm coming into the league helping Arkansas.

There is, no doubt, a serious disconnect in 2016 projections by BB’s and Insider’s and on field performance at near the end of his fourth year. All due to recruiting failures and coaching failures? Have to wonder what the future holds for this program. We need upgrades at so many positions it’s difficult to figure out just how the problem gets solved. Can’t sign but 25 a year.