The Infallible One coaches the Bama secondary

They got torched. Clemson gamed him the whole second half. It will be Kiffin’s fault. Watch.

Someone other than Saban will get the blame, you’re probably right on…

I’d say Hurts picked a bad time to play his worst game. Even Bama wasn’t going to win against a really good team if his QB goes 13 for 31 and 131 yards. That’s 4.2 yards per pass play. Of course Sark may get some blame for calling so many pass plays when his QB was playing so badly.

Watson was fantastic the 2nd half.

Hurts has been an average passer all season. The difference last night is that he didn’t have a run game to support him after Bo Scarbrough went out. I can’t remember another game when he was asked to throw that much.

I thought the Scarbrough injury hurt for Alabama’s defense. The offense was only taking a minute or so off the clock several possessions and Clemson was getting first downs. Alabama had been so dominant, in part, because its defense typically got a lot of rest as a result of its offense being able to run the ball and get first downs.

It was similar to the game here, except in that one Alabama was scoring quick touchdowns to put its defense back on the field. Arkansas was the only team to have more time of possession against Alabama this year.

The most important stat of the game last night was the number of offensive plays Clemson ran: more than 90. Alabama’s defense, as good as it is, had never been tested like that. Credit Clemson’s defense for keeping Bama’s offense off the field.

The last two scoring drives, Clemson receivers made plays they couldn’t make earlier in the game. Fatigue was the great equalizer. It was just enough to win the game, by one second.