The inevitable call from Larry Johnson

LJ: " you got a real nice team coach. You got some purty girls. But you gotta find you some manly girls to bang in that paint, man!"

Apologies, not really getting how you are applying this reference. . . . . .

Long running joke. Whenever our men’s team gets out muscled inside, someone brings up UNLV Forward Larry Johnson’s comment from 1991 to Nolan Richardson, that he needed to find some men.

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Clever reference to our women’s team. I get it.

The ladies needed to play with more fight early and stop trying to storm back late to come from behind.
CMN needs to keep building we are light years ahead under his watch. They will be fine. The incoming freshmen class with have a few solutions to change the size issue.

What happened with the big girl from Bentonville? Her and Jersey Girl would have made a dynamic duo.

She (Maryam Dauda) is headed to Baylor.

Bought into the Mulkey malarky eh? Guess she wanted a change of scenery. From good to bad.

Maryam is out with an ACL now. Bentonville plays Fayetteville tonight in the finals of their conference tournament. They split the regular season 1-1. I’ll be watching because my niece stars for Fayetteville.

And Maryam is a fine young lady. My niece trained with her in the past and they are friends. She is from Africa originally. No idea why she chose Baylor other than they are a big time program.

You said it. Originally from Africa and no strong ties to AR, will be interesting how much she enjoys Waco compared to Fayetteville.

Not if going to Baylor.

I’ll allow it. Just this once.

Leave the door open if she wants to come home, She has some growing up to do like many her age. Maybe she will learn that everything she needs is right back here.

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I’m so glad I didn’t grow up in Fayetteville. I got the opportunity to go off for college and spread my wings and come to the hill at the same time. Hate it for those that grow up here. As much as I think my kids will love the hogs I can’t imagine them wanting to stay here for college. In a way I’d be a bit sad for them. Now I don’t want them to lick Baylor, but the opportunity to go explore at that age and time in life only comes once. Take advantage. I may have to move away between now and then.


No one. And I do mean NO ONE, should lick Baylor. That’s just gross. Covid or no Covid.

Barf! :face_vomiting::mask:

I don’t get this. I’ve lived here all my life, and I don’t feel like I missed out on anything. I honestly can’t think of a better place to live. I hope the majority of our future recruits feel the same way. Go Hogs!

Not about missing out Jeremy. Sometimes it’s about exploring. Broadening ones horizons so to speak.
But not at Baylor to much

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That’s the point. You don’t know.

With all due respect, you don’t know me or how much I’ve travelled. Let’s just say, I’ve been around a bit (Philippines, Japan, Mexico, Curacao, etc.). That said, there is no better place to live than NWA, and there is no better fan base than Razorback Nation. If you think you have to move away to appreciate how good we have it here, that’s on you.