The importance of the LSU game

I think the game last night against LSU was really important and it has nothing to do with the result on the court. Those of you who are worried that Musselman is going to leave for another job should feel a lot better right now. He seemed to be genuinely moved by the fan support.
Even with the terrible weather and a season that hasn’t been going as well as we all thought, that was an amazing crowd last night and I think it will have a lasting impact. It shows that no matter which big name programs might come calling, Musselman will never have better fan support than he has here.

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Muss is the Hogs coach. Every game from now until selection Sunday is important for our hogs!
They need to take care of business and win the games they are suppose to and split the ones with Bama, Tennessee, and Kentucky! The rest of the conference games need to be in the win column.
The Baylor game is a coin flip but our hogs will
Have to play a really good game on both ends and avoid scoring droughts.

Attendance is a big thing to him. He thinks of himself as a grand marketing dude. Always has, going back to his days in the developmental league. He is into fan interaction and that was before social media. He’d use the radio, or whatever means to drum up support. So he is always aware of who and how loud the folks are in the stands. He’s a bit different in that aspect compared to other coaches. Atmosphere is important and he knows it. It’s important for his team and the future team he is recruiting.


Great observation Clay

With BWA that will always give a challenge…its too bad those student sections could be spread more across several sections…that would give him more Spirit to be happy about!!!

He should have fired up with the Crowd’s response to those final three dunks last night!!

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He may leave us for another coaching job sometime, so let’s enjoy the little rascal while we have him.

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Understand your point. Yes, fan support is very important. But IMO, if he can’t win a NC at Arkansas in the next few years, he will become susceptible to a blueblood offer. And no, we are not a blueblood now. We were a blueblood in the 90s. He wants a NC.

A&M just pounded Auburn on the road!

He can win a NC here. What does he need that he doesn’t have (and it has been done here before)? He had the number 2 class last year. He has really anything we wants in terms of facilities, travel budget, money for assistants and what else? It may not happen. There is a lot that goes into it like losing your 2 best players (can happen anywhere). He had two EE teams that had some pretty big gaps. Name a “Blue Blood” that is a sure winner. Been a long time since UCLA did that.

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Of course he can win here. But my point was about if he doesn’t. He is not going to wait too long. I see him as a very impatient person when it comes to his goals.