The impact of one extraordinary player

Warren was lumbering towards an almost certain state championship when do it all All World Razorback signee Treylon Burks went down. Since then the Jacks have been jacked by Helena Central and Arkadelphswine. I sure hope that freak show of an athlete is able to make a full recovery. I can’t imagine a healthy Treylon not making a D-Mac like impact on our program.

Arkadelphia streams video of its football games and my brother watched last night; I was in the air flying back from North Carolina at that time. Last year when Warren lost to Arkadelphia in the state finals, Burks on defense was shadowing Arkadelphia’s running back Zion Hatley. Without Burks in the game last night, my brother said Hatley ran wild. And Warren didn’t score at all until Arkadelphia had put in the scrubs and the mercy rule was in effect. I don’t know that they win with Burks but it would have been a lot closer.

Arkadelphia is becoming an interesting story. I don’t think they have any Division I talent. They started this season 0-5, playing larger schools and then the two best teams in their league. But they got some people healthy, including Hatley, and now they’ve won seven in a row and a repeat title is not out of the question.

Yep. Badgered by the big boys early, but now the ones doing the badgering. They best beware the dumases from Dumas though.

Badgers get Stuttgart next. They beat Stuttgart 29-0 in last year’s opener on the road, and get to go back to the rice fields Friday. We played at Stuttgart when I was a senior, Halloween weekend, and I never will forget how the mosquitoes descended when they turned on those stadium lights. Take the Off, guys.

The winner gets either Shiloh Christian or Nashville. One of Arkadelphia’s early losses was to Nashville, and they lost when a punt snap in the rain went over the punter’s head and led to a Scrapper touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Don’t think they’ve ever played Ronnie Floyd High though.

Rice skeeters are the biggest, baddest blood suckers this side of Transylvania. Would have made a more intimidating mascot than a rice bird.

They might think differently in Arkansas County, but as far as I’m concerned a ricebird IS a skeeter. So I was getting constantly punctured that night in 1977 by ricebirds.

LOL! I never thought of that but I think you’re onto something. If it doesn’t quack like a duck but knows how to suck, it’s probably a rice bird!