The Hot Seat

About what happened in executive session? Very slim.

I’m sure Bolin will have an exclusive what happened behind closed doors :wink:

I know previously you have stated this, and posted something from his original contract which had the rollover in it. You also referenced something from 2015’s contract. Do you have a link to this? Is it in the ADG archives, if so I couldn’t find it.

I believe the rollover happens every June and extends his contract to a full five years. Thus, as of June 2017, he’s under contract until June 2022.

You are right that I posted “program,” but I meant that in a more broad way. I’m sure there was talk about Bielema’s performance, buyout, etc., but I also would not be surprised if there was some conversation about the stadium construction and War Memorial’s future.

Matt, unless they’re telling you something that they’re not putting in the ADG story, he couldn’t confirm that JL or JS were actually in the room with the trustees, although it certainly appeared as though they might be.

The contract automatically rolls over one year each July 1, unless he is informed in writing that his contract will not be extended. He is under contract through June 30, 2022.

Thanks for bringing this up Clay. I was stunned when I saw we were last in GSR too. Stunned. Long has some explaining to do.

I deleted a few comments that referenced Long being in the executive session room. We haven’t confirmed whether or not he ever went before the board, just that he was in attendance at the meeting.

Sorry for the confusion.

Oh I’m sure he got the message…there was a reason he was there

IMO the BOT was and intended to be very public in its actions…the long, visible Executive Session, calling them near the room if not in (why did they leave the auditorium to be near the ES room)…in all of this the BOT intended:

  1. Tell the fans we hear you and we are paying very close attention to this situation…which we view as unacceptable
  2. Fire a shot across JL’s bow - whether he was in the room or not JL received the message

JMO of the dynamics of what was going on

And I think their biggest rub is regarding the stadium expansion… that they were told that with overwhelming success and popularity of the football program it would practically pay for itself…they wondering whoa, what is going on…

If he wasn’t in the ES, I doubt this was a “shot across the bow.” The BOT could have legitimate questions that involved personnel issues that wouldn’t necessarily mean he was in trouble of any sort. This GSR of 80 doesn’t strike me as bad, even if it is 13th in the league. It tells me all the schools are doing pretty well.

David Pryor is looking a little smarter right now.

So, you don’t have a link, ok. When is the last time someone FOI’d his contract?

You don’t have to be in the Executive Session to be talked about. No doubt, he was talked about this morning. I don’t know which would be worse, to be in there or not.

100% correct…and Personally I would hate not being in there

According to board members, Jeff never was called into the executive session this morning. However, he was in the building where the meeting took place.

I still think the stadium expansion (actually stadium improvements) was a good idea. I doubt there’s a terrible problem selling the new suites. If there is, all it will take to fix is an improvement in the team. That might require a coaching change, but I don’t think we’ll always be this bad in football. We might not be good enough to win the SEC, but we’ll improve.

Somebody will know this, Did Long go down there on his own or was he told to be there, even though he wasn’t
in the ES.

IMO…given the current state of football and all the media that would be present… No way I would be there unless I was told to do so