The Hot Seat

I think the hottest seat in town at this moment would be the one Jeff Long is sitting in. I’m told he is at the BoT meeting this morning and probably is going to be scrutinized by the trustees in executive session. That would be highly interesting. Is he up against it as far as his job. Maybe so.

Are they talking to him about his hiring of the football coach and the contract? Probably.

Are they discussing playing games in Little Rock? Probably.

Are they talking about the overall running of the program? Probably.

I was stunned to see that the GSR was last in the SEC. It’s up to 80 percent, but everyone else in the SEC did better. That’s the area he’s championed the most. And, it’s last.

Yeah, I would not want to be him right now.

I’m not against Long I think he’s done well in most areas, he just has not appealed to the fans the way he maybe should have at certain times.

The GSR is troubling, very. Is it true that the football team came in around 60%? That’s not good.

Interesting day, I’ve heard all of the rumors and supposed workings that are going on, I would imagine that Long is feeling more pressure today than he has, maybe ever.

The GSR for football is 60 percent, which is the second-lowest in the SEC (ahead of Georgia) and fourth-lowest among Power 5 programs.

One thing to remember, though, is that the graduation rate was 47 percent when GSR first was released and has risen steadily every year, and the latest numbers are for players who entered between 2007-10. I think the rates are a bit higher for the players who have come in during Bielema’s tenure, but those won’t be reflected in the GSR scores until 2020 or so.

I might have overlooked it, but I did not see anything athletics-related on the agenda for this board meeting. If that is the case, it is telling that Jeff is there.

One thing I noticed - or, I believe to be true based on the article I read - is that this is for athletes who enrolled between 2007 and 2010 - the Bobby Petrino era, mostly. NONE of the kids signed by Bielema are included in those numbers.

I’m not saying that good academic numbers alone should “save” him. Simply pointing out that - again, I think - a lot of our academic progress in Football has been made in these last 3-4 classes.

Ironically, it now appears that Bielema and perhaps Long as well won’t be on our campus when the results for these classes are compiled.

Ok, thanks Matt.

It’s nice to see improvement. But also troubling that it’s so low still. I see where programs like alabama and LSU are in the 80% range for the team. They are often criticized for the characters of players they are willing to take, it’s certainly still working on and off the field. The Uncommon tag is just as much bologna as I thought it was from day 1. Granted, I know it will be a little higher in a couple years, but 4% (program not just football I believe used to be at 76%) in Longs ten years isn’t overly impressive.

I didn’t see anything on the agenda either.

That’s the point. It’s not for 10 years. Some of the people on this list, either graduated or not, left before BB even was hired, but they show up in the current numbers. Recruited by Nutt in 2007, flunked out in 2009 (not saying anyone fits that description, but as an example)? Included in these numbers. Recruited by Petrino in 2009, graduated in 2013? Also included. BB had nothing to do with the success or failure of either one. But Long was in charge, and he may be getting taken to task for it.

Jeff now is in executive session with the board.

Yeah all of that is very true. That’s kind of why I hinted that Long has not quite stocked what all he is selling. Brets made some improvements, won’t know how much for a while, but some atleast.

Glad I’m not either one of them! Minus I’d take a Brets salary any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The winds of change they are a blowing…

Doesn’t this also include Bret’s guys? For example: Kirkland, Collins, Henry all left early. Wouldn’t that affect the graduation rate, or is this just something that occurred prior to 2013?

My thoughts are that if Long fights are Bielema’s job, he will be looking for a job himself.

It would include Bret’s first class, which was 2013, and BP’s recruits who graduated, or left, after BB arrived. But as far as BB recruiting “uncommon” people and stressing academics throughout their time at UA, those numbers haven’t started to hit.


It would include Bret’s first class, which was 2013, and BP’s recruits who graduated, or left, after BB arrived. But as far as BB recruiting “uncommon” people and stressing academics throughout their time at UA, those numbers haven’t started to hit.
[/quote]Not 100% positive on this, SF, but I don’t believe this is correct.

I think the report looks at when classes arrive on campus and tracks those groups (in this case, the classes of 2007-2010) for 6 years. There is activity involving later classes during the window they review, but those recruits are (or will be) included in the reports for classes entering school in 2011-2015, which won’t be out for another 4 years.

For one thing, the entire 6 year window won’t be complete for all of those players until then. That’s one reason these reports are so far in “arrears” coming out.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong - but that is what I think is how the reports are prepared.


Wiz is right. The latest score is the six-year rate for players who enrolled from 2007-10.

Now, some of those played for Bielema, but he did not recruit any of them. The earliest you will see the 2013 signing class reflected in the GSR will be 2020. Collins, Henry and Kirkland might finish their degrees by then.

Gotcha, the incoming class of 2013 won’t show up in these reports until 2020

The executive session is over with no personnel actions taken, but that Long seemingly spent a while in front of the board still is pretty telling. I imagine a lot of topics were touched on during that time, mostly pertaining to the football program.

Those we heard from this morning said they did not expect the board to take any action today, but obviously it can assert its influence.

Just to clear up some misinformed reports that I see on Twitter: Long is under contract through June 2022, not through next year as has been posted elsewhere.

What’s the chances, Matt, that someone in that executive session talks anytime soon?