The Hoover Jayvee Invitational

Given what has happened the past couple years, specifically with the baseball programs at Arkanasas, Tennessee and Mississippi State, why would anyone want to make the finals of the SECT? Going forward, I hope DVH approaches that SECN program filler, like Nick Saban would approach playing in the Carquest Bowl. Send your starters to the beach and get the younger guys some game experience. The SEC baseball tournament. It just means less.

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I’ve stated this same thing. I think we coasted at Bama and thru the SEC because we had the regional made. I guess our lackadaisical approach cost us a regional host, but aside from that our goal was and will always be Omaha, not the SEC tourney crown.

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Hoover can be good and it can be detrimental. It just depends on the team. I think it definitely helped Arkansas to get out of there early.


Just as the SEC bb tourney. If you’ve rapped up an NCAA tourney bid, why tire out your guys to get a tournament crown?


Agreed. And it hurt us last year to go deep and win it. The collective toll, so to speak.

I just don’t believe this. We beat NC State 21-2 two weeks after the SEC Tourney. I don’t think Hoover had anything to do with the 6-5, 3-2 results the following two games


It didn’t hurt us at all last year. We didn’t go “deep in the tournament and win it” either.

We only played 3 games in the SECT to win it last year (1 more than this year) and had a day off in between one of the games.

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The injury to Slavens in Sec tourney was a big big deal.


Hoover had no effect on what happened two weeks later in the super at Baum. We scored 7 runs in the last two games vs NCSU and gave up 9. This week we scored 8 and gave up 4. State got clutch hits, we didn’t. End of story. Would a healthy Slavens have delivered some of those hits? We’ll never know. But he got hurt early in the tournament; could have happened this year.

However, I do think our players were frazzled at the end of the regular season and needed a little break this year, and they got it. So in that way it worked. I suspect the same was true at Moo U last year.


I think DVH has always approached the Tourney as a warm-up for the “SHOW” and just wants his hitters to get some at bats and set up his pitching. He saw his chance to win it with that great team last year and went for it. I think it does and did have an effect, it was the first time for us to win it and there was a celebration, it was a high point. Problem is, now you have to go do it again. A natural let down. Just an opinion, be interesting to see how many times teams won their tourney and also made it to the CWS.

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You are wrong Jeff. Not having Slavens healthy was a big deal going forward in super. He was a shell of himself. You will find a whole in that thought but he was the RBI leader of the team who became not much of a factor.

And who is to say that Franklin’s strep was partly due to wear and tear on body that included Hoover trip Nd the heat.


Yes. Slavens was not himself. But he also got hurt in the first game. We don’t have the option of saying “nah, we just won’t go to Hoover this year,” unless we finish 13th or 14th, in which case it doesn’t matter.

With the number of SEC Teams to make it to Omaha, this might a year to change the format of the SECT to a non title tournament. It means nothing outside the SEC anyway. Just games played, won or lost. Pull in all the SEC baseball teams for a weekend of two games each. Everyone plays an opponent, no title game, toss in some contest for hitting, and maybe even a Sunday closer against the East and West division leaders, but no multiple days of wear and tear that is experienced now.

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My point was I feel the effort, injuries, and possibly even moral was costly to win a truly meaningless tourney trophy last year.

Nobody really cares who won a conference tourney (unless that gets them into the big dance). We won the tourney last year…at a price. My opinion is that we were worn down (at least less than full strength) when we lost to NC State. NC State did a great job with their pitching.

This year-the players themselves indicated the break from the early exit was great and their revitalized play supports that it was beneficial. I stick to my original opinion and respectfully disagree with yours.


I was deflated by our performance in Hoover, especially coming off the loss of that series to Alabama. I thought it portended an early out of the NCAAT and knew it had cost us a chance to host both the regional & the super. (Hosting isn’t only good for its own sake, but a team tends to do better in its own park than on the road.). However, in retrospect, I’m glad we went home early from Hoover. I’m sure that early Hoover exits have helped teams in the past even though some teams have won it & done well in the CWS.

Personally, I’d rather see the regular season extended by one weekend & the SECT eliminated, but I know the conference won’t do that because it wants the money.

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That was the way the PAC-11 did it, until this year. Now they have a post-season tournament.

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